‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 508: Natsu And Gray Will Confront Spriggan’s Berserker Army While Erza Will Betray Fairy Tail Guild? [Spoilers]

The upcoming Chapter 508 of the immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail is packed with a lot of surprises. While the group has accepted the passing of the great master Makarov, their primary mission is to defeat the still standing Berserker army. Moreover, the most perplexing question fans are waiting to be answered is the connection between Erza and Eileen.

[Warning: Fairy Tail Chapter 507 spoilers and 508 speculations are ahead]

Chapter 508 of Fairy Tail manga, titled “Pleasure and Pain” is expected to be released any time now. The previous chapter left fans with some major cliffhangers. Mangaka Hiro Hashima hasn’t confirmed whether Natsu’s transformation into Etherious Natsu Dragneel or E.N.D was complete. But he did indicate that Erza was able to stop the intense battle between Natsu and Gray Fullbuster. At end of chapter 507, Erza helps the duo to remember the times they spent together and how they were once strong comrades.


While Natsu is overwhelmed to see Erza crying, the ice wizard can’t bear to see her suffering either. Meanwhile, Titania asks Gray and Natsu to truly question themselves if the person they are battling with is an enemy or friend. She adds that sometimes even family members exchange fists, but it’s just a way to show human emotions. Comrades do not battle for the sake of revenge, and certainly not to inflict pain, reported Hall of Fame Magazine.


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While Erza’s narration and Titania’s explanation is enough to convince the duo, the mangaka hasn’t revealed if they put aside their differences or decide to take on the Berserker army. While the quartet is talking, Lucy, Wendy, Juvia, and the rest arrive. Although Wendy tries to heal Natsu and Gray, her skills fall woefully short. Hence, the mages decide to transport their injured and exhausted comrades to Porlyusica.


Incidentally, Erza too, got injured when she stopped the epic punches Natsu and Gray were throwing at each other. However, it is not confirmed how the wounds she sustained affect her. Moreover, just as the Fairy Tail Guild is about to travel to Porlyusica, Erza orders everyone to get down and take cover. The next moment, a big blast assaults the mages, but a voice that’s eerily familiar to Erza’s greets them.


To everyone’s amazement and shock, a person that uncannily resembles Erza greets her. She has the same complexion, body type, and both sport scarlet hair. When the dust settles, Erza and Eileen are facing each other. Erza is in for a huge surprise when Eileen greets her as if the duo are closely related or have known each other for a long time. When Erza asks who she is, Eileen surprises everyone by saying, “I am you and you are me.”


Chapter 508 of Fairy Tail could reveal the true connection between Erza and Eileen. Given the absurd amount of features the two ladies share, there are multiple speculations. The most common theories claim they could be twins or related as mother-daughter or sisters, reported HNGN. However, it is quite possible that Eileen is Erza’s counterpart, either from the distant future or from a parallel dimension, reported GameNGuide. If the theory pans out, then Erza might voluntarily or forcibly turn evil. While she is completely loyal to the Fairy Tail Guild right now, it is not clear how deeply Makarov’s death has affected her. The great master gave up his life to protect the mages. This aspect might not sit well with Erza and might push her over to the dark side in the future.


Meanwhile, at other location, Larcade Dragneel says, “I told you I’m going to pay you back for it, right? So yes, I’m going to fight with you. I’ll deal with everyone, who dare to oppose us.” This clearly indicates Larcade will attack Yukino, Sorano, Lector, and Frosh. However, right when he is about to attack, Kagura intervenes and accuses him of being a follower of Zeref, reported iTechPost. Larcade’s reply sends shockwaves when he says, “I am not a follower, the black mage is my father.”

Is Larcade truly the son of Zeref? Do Natsu and Gray heal and return to battle? Are Erza and Eileen related? Hopefully, Chapter 508 of Fairy Tail manga will answer these questions.

[Featured Image by Hiro Hashima/Fairy Tail Manga]