Teresa Giudice Net Worth: ‘RHONJ’ Star Shocks Viewers With College Fund Revelation

Teresa Giudice has been very open and honest about her feelings and her struggles with her family life since her husband, Joe Giudice, turned himself in to serve over three years in prison at Fort Dix. Teresa herself had been behind bars for just under a year, and she knew how hard it was to sit behind bars and wait for your release date, watching her family grow and move on in the real world. But on last night’s season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa told her lawyer that she was thinking about selling the house because they were struggling financially and she hadn’t saved any money for her children’s college funds.

According to several new tweets, Teresa Giudice shocked viewers with that comment, as she has four children that are growing up fast. In fact, Giudice’s oldest daughter is currently in high school, and she will probably be applying for college sooner rather than later. Teresa hadn’t saved anything for her daughter Gia, so it is questionable how she would be able to pay for her first semester of college. But fans of the show were quick to point to Teresa and Joe’s careless spending when it came to handbags, homes, and material possessions.

“Wait, Teresa has a million dollar home, been on TV for years, how many mag covers and has no college money for any of those kids? #RHONJ,” one person tweeted after learning that Teresa Giudice didn’t have any savings put away for her daughter’s college funds.

Of course, Giudice and her husband filed for bankruptcy, and they reported to losing millions of dollars. But some people feel that they stored the money away, keeping money away from the prosecutors and the courts, so they had money to get back on their feet. And one person hinted that perhaps the Giudice family stocked the money away in Italy.

“They have it all hidden in Italy. You don’t think for one minute they didn’t hide a heck of a lot #Criminals,” one person wrote on Twitter, while others added, “they were dumb enough to commit fraud then come on TV. Clearly they’re not high functioning” and “and stole 11 millions… but no savings. Obviously the [makeup] and clothes are more important.”


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Even though Teresa Giudice didn’t have any money saved up for college, some people had some great ideas on how she could save some money to help out her daughters. Surely, going through her home could result in a list of things that she could sell to help out her financial situation.

“She could sell that fur coat and 10 thousand dollar hand bag if she needs the cash. But then #Taxes,” one Twitter follower suggested to get Teresa Giudice to save some money, while others added, “She is pandering to her stupid followers to buy her crap. She needs more orange glow make up” and “Teresa did change. It’s not easy to admit that you’re not rich and can’t afford a big house, college etc and you need to downsize #RHONJ.”

But fans were shocked just to learn the news that Teresa Giudice hadn’t saved any money throughout the many years she’s had bestselling cookbooks and gotten a massive paycheck from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Jaw drop! Did Teresa Giudice really just say she needs to start saving up for college now that Gia is a freshman!? Yikes, very late #RHONJ,” one person wrote on Twitter while Giudice was talking to her lawyer on The Real Housewives of New Jersey last night – and it was indeed a common perspective for many viewers.

What advice do you have for Teresa Giudice, who is clearly starting over from scratch in saving up money for her children’s college funds?

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