Jill Duggar Affected By Missionary Work — ‘Counting On’ Star Breaks Down On Camera

Jill Duggar has always appeared to be a little on the shy side. She is not confrontational and remains pretty much a girl who just enjoys doing what others around her are doing. Duggar was Jim Bob and Michelle’s first daughter to marry. Derick Dillard was the one for her. There are some disputes about whether or not her dad brought the two together and it has been said several times that he had. Although Jim Bob does have some influence over the Duggar children and their mates, they ultimately get to decide who they want to court and can end a courtship if they see fit.

When Counting On aired last Tuesday, Jill Duggar was just not herself. She looked like she was anxious and when they talked about El Salvador, she became incredibly emotional explaining an event where she thought her life was in danger. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jill Duggar may be headed for a nervous breakdown. There has been a lot that she has experienced down there that she wouldn’t ever be exposed to in Arkansas where she has lived all of her life. Being sheltered has helped to feed her anxiety, which is why fans are worried about her.

Derick Dillard seemed to be really pushing for him and Jill Duggar to go back to the mission field. He said over and over again that they are home “for a while” and even seemed to get a bit irritated when anyone else would suggest they stick around Arkansas. They were taping a special Counting On episode and fans were very concerned about the way Dillard was talking about returning to El Salvador. After seeing his wife break down when even talking about an incident that scared her and minimally comforting her, there is some disgust over the situation. While there is nothing set in stone about mission work in the future, Duggar will do whatever Dillard wants because she believes the man leads and the woman follows.

It was made clear that Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard are only back in Arkansas for a little while. They likely returned for Jinger Duggar’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo. The weddings are a huge event in the family, and the older sisters usually serve as bridesmaids for the sister walking down the aisle. Aside from the wedding, Duggar has been focusing on raising Israel and teaching him both English and Spanish. Duggar and Dillard have been filming Counting On, which is where all of the emotions about El Salvador were shown. Jill has always been the “fragile” one, and it looks like mission work isn’t something she is cut out to do.

Right now, Jill Duggar hasn’t revealed her plans for when they will leave. She has been adamant about debunking the pregnancy rumors that have been taking over social media. Duggar put on a few pounds when she returned from El Salvador, which is to be expected because she has been eating more since returning home. Derick Dillard doesn’t appear to be willing to give up mission work, even though it reportedly has traumatized his wife. If they do not choose to head back to El Salvador, things may be a little easier on Duggar. She is a mother now and worrying about your safety, and the safety of your husband and child can consume you, especially in a place riddled with violence.

Fans have been sending well wishes to Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard since the Counting On episode aired. Many of them supported their mission work and followed their journey while they were away. With them being home now and spending time with family, Jill Duggar has looked happier than she has in months.

[Featured Image via Jill Duggar/Twitter]