Courteney Cox Rumored To Wed Johnny McDaid At Jennifer Aniston’s Mansion, And Why Lisa Kudrow Forgot ‘Ugly Naked Guy’

Courteney Cox wants to wed Johnny McDaid at her Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston’s Bel Air Mansion, according to Life and Style Magazine. The 52-year-old actress just proved that she really stayed BFFs with Aniston even though Friends ended its run over a decade ago.

Although Courteney Cox and McDaid canceled their engagement less than a year ago, they already have big plans for their wedding. The duo finally made up their mind about the wedding ceremony, and according to sources close to Aniston, the two are planning to tie the knot at Aniston’s mansion.

If it’s true, that wedding would make Friends fans happy, because the fact that Courteney Cox and Aniston are still BFFs means that there will always be a higher possibility for new Friends episodes.

In fact, it’s a special mansion for Aniston, because she wed her husband, Justin Theroux, there last year. And the source close to the family says Aniston actually offered to hold Courteney Cox and McDaid’s wedding ceremony at her estate in California.

“They’ve told a few pals that they’re planning to wed soon, and that it’ll be a small wedding with their closest friends and family.”

Friends fans won’t stop speculating about a reboot of the hit NBC sitcom, which aired its final episode on May 6, 2004, as long as the show’s cast members are seen together. Just recently, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who portrayed Monica and Phoebe respectively, played a Friends trivia game together, according to News Australia.

During their appearance on CBS’s Celebrity Name Game, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow proved that they are still good pals and still remember even the tiniest details from Friends.

The idea of the show is that one of the contestants has to guess the name of celebrities and famous characters based on clues given by another contestant. Courteney Cox was the one giving clues to Kudrow, while her Friends co-star did her best to answer as many as she could in 45 seconds.

Courteney Cox and Kudrow really nailed the trivia! Kudrow guessed the correct answer to the first question (“Where we had coffee”) without even a pause and said “Central Perk.”

Kudrow also guessed the correct answer when Courteney Cox asked what her Friends co-star was singing a song about (“Smelly Cat”) and then Cox asked to guess which woman they had lunch with every day. And Kudrow got it right: It was Jennifer Aniston!

Then, Courteney Cox decided to throw in some impressions of their Friends co-stars and asked what Joey (Matt LeBlanc’s character) would say. Kudrow gave her answer in split seconds and mimicked Joey’s iconic pick-up line, “How you doin’?”

And Courteney Cox also wanted Kudrow to guess who was that character on the show who always said “Hi” in a depressed tone. But as soon as Kudrow said it was David Schwimmer’s character, Ross, the buzzer signaled that the round was over.

All in all, Courteney Cox and Kudrow nailed the round even though the latter was wrong on only one clue.

When Cox said, “He was across the way, we would look at him through binoculars,” Kudrow said it was “Naked Ugly Guy,” incorrectly inverting the first two words.

But considering the fact that the show ended its run 12 years ago, it’s still a pretty good result. Courteney Cox is currently not attached to any TV or film projects, and her last movie, Mothers and Daughters, was released in May this year.

Lisa Kudrow, meanwhile, is doing voice work for the upcoming animated feature The Boss Baby, starring alongside Jimmy Kimmel, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Buscemi.

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