Is Heather Dubrow Really The ‘Puppet Master’ Behind All The Drama On The ‘RHOC’ Season 11 Finale?

The drama-filled Season 11 finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County is finally upon us. With the reunion special right around the corner, is Heather Dubrow to blame for all the drama and fighting this season? Will the ladies finally work out their differences before the cameras stop rolling?

According to the Daily Mail, things really fell apart during the cast trip to Ireland, and the situation got worse as the ladies headed home for the final episode. At one point, Dubrow lost it on Vicki Gunvalson and said she was a “stupid b**ch.” Dubrow was mad at Gunvalson for spreading rumors about Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge.

“She’s got f***ing kids, you don’t do that, are you kidding me?” Dubrow continued.

Gunvalson allegedly told Kelly Dodd that Beador’s husband beats her and Judge’s husband, Eddie, is really gay.

“Look at me, f*** you!” Judge screamed at Gunvalson.

Although Dubrow apologized to Meghan King Edmonds because the Ireland trip was ruined, Edmonds was having none it.

“Heather’s deflecting her role in this whole debacle and it’s conniving, and I see right through it,” Edmonds later told the camera.

Edmonds wasn’t the only cast member angry at Heather Dubrow for the drama in Ireland. Dodd confessed that she felt “sabotaged” by her co-stars and thought Dubrow shouldn’t have said she was “trash.”

“I think I threaten Heather because she’s a fake, pretentious snob,” Dodd stated.

Of course, Dodd was also mad at Gunvalson because she failed to take her side and promised to “try and be a better person” to everyone. 2 Paragraphs is reporting that Dodd later met with Judge and apologized for her behavior on the trip. As fans will recall, the two women almost got in a physical fight after Dodd brought up Judge’s estranged teenage daughter.

“I don’t believe that about you and your daughter,” Dodd told Judge. “I didn’t have any bad intent.”

Despite the attempted apology, Judge wasn’t ready to forgive Dodd just yet.

“Well, it wasn’t good intent,” she replied.

'RHOC' Stars Tamra Judge And Shannon Beador Claim Their Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson Is Over 'Forever' [Featured Image by Bravo]
Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge claim their friendship with Vicki Gunvalson is over for good. [Image by Bravo]

When Dodd met with her husband, Michael, later in the episode, she confessed that Dubrow was behind all the drama.

“I was being provoked. Heather is the puppet and everyone is the master,” she explained.

It is certainly understandable that Judge is having a hard time forgiving Dodd. After all, Jezebel reports that Dodd also helped spread the rumors about Judge’s husband being gay and possibly cheating.

For her part, Dodd claims that she is just relaying things Gunvalson told her in private. However, Gunvalson denies spreading rumors and says that she never thought Dodd would discuss those topics with everyone on the show.

With so many feuds and contentious relationships, fans are definitely in for a drama-filled reunion. According to Buddy TV, filming for the reunion just wrapped, and some of the ladies announced the end of Season 11 on social media.

While many of the Housewives accused Heather Dubrow of being behind all the drama this season, she took to Instagram and refused to admit any wrongdoing.

“It takes a village… thank you @acbellomakeup @simara_stylist and #KellyKline for getting me reunion ready. Was a great day and interesting to see who among us could own our s**t, apologize and make amends…. and who thinks they are empirically right and unaccountable for any poor judgement or behavior. Stay tuned for that…#RHOC #itsawrap,” Dubrow wrote.

The reunion will put Dubrow, Judge, and Beador on opposite couches as Gunvalson, Dodd, and Edmonds. Although fans will have to wait until the reunion to see what happens, Gunvalson took the first shot at her three foes by posting a quote about mean girls on Instagram. She then shared a picture of her daughter, Briana Culberson, and warned fans about posting negative comments.

“Season #11 a wrap! Enjoy the fall season and the holidays. Thank you to all of you who love and believe in me. Those of you that wish to post anything bad or negative will be blocked and deleted,” Gunvalson wrote.

Reality Tea reports that the rest of ladies were more subdued in their social media posts and didn’t take any shots.

Dodd took to Instagram and shared a photo of dinner after the reunion, with the caption, “After reunion dinner.”

With half the cast noticeably absent from the photo, it seems safe to say that Kelly and Vicki are still on the outs with most of the cast.

Edmonds, meanwhile, shared a picture on Instagram of her prepping in the makeup room prior to the reunion.

“Can’t believe I did the #RHOC reunion yesterday. Jen made me all glammed up when I felt like poop! And a shout out to adrenaline! Paying for it today!” she wrote alongside the image.

Sadly, none of the cast members revealed too much about what unfolds during the reunion and whether or not they worked through any of their differences.

Fans can watch The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion Monday night on Bravo. Tell us! Do you think Heather Dubrow is a sort of puppet master? Let us know in the comments below.

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