You Oughta Know: Alanis Morissette Controversial Breastfeeding Picture

Alanis Morissette’s controversial breastfeeding picture, which was shared on social media, is the latest you oughta know about the Canadia singer. If you’ve known the musician as a multi-instrumentalist, add to that list a multitasking mom, because that’s the story this picture tells.

In what is now trending as the “Morissette controversial breastfeeding picture,” the singer shared a photo of herself breastfeeding Onyx Solace, her 4-month-old daughter. In the photo, Morissette, 42, is seen with a sticker on the top right breast screaming “I Voted.” Daughter Onyx is shown appearing to be feeding from the same breast.

Morissette captioned the photo with the hashtag #evenwhenyoucantleavethehouse. It appears that the musician cast her ballot by mail, enabling her to exercise her democratic right without getting out of the house. The proud mother of two also seems to endorse breastfeeding and voting in the same post.

Morissette is married to rapper Mario “Souleye” Treadway. The couple has two kids between them – 5-year-old son Ever Imre and 4-month-old daughter Onyx, the newest addition to the nuclear family. Born Canadian, Morissette changed her citizenship to U.S. in 2005, only five years before she tied the knot with her sweetheart, Souleye.

Alanis Morissette’s controversial breastfeeding picture lacks voting clue

Although Morissette proudly shows off her voting sticker, she carefully avoids giving a clue about who she voted for, perhaps trying to keep her political affiliation to herself. However, according to a Washington genealogist called William Addams, Morissette is distantly related to Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Morissette had also been shown in pictures donning a Hillary Clinton campaign T-shirt long before she displayed her “I Voted” sticker.

Morissette and Souleye welcomed daughter Onyx on June 23, with Morissette announcing the birth of her second child on social media with the caption #beyondblessed.

Morissette has been married to Treadway since 2010, according to People.

Nice moments at Malibu beach

Early last month and long before the Alanis Morissette controversial breastfeeding picture surfaced, the couple shared pictures of themselves having fun at Malibu beach together with their son, Imre. Morissette left daughter Onyx at home while enjoying the beach moment. The couple has a home in Los Angeles.

The Jagged Little Pill hitmaker kept a low profile after she delivered Onyx in June. The Malibu beach day came about three months after Morissette delivered Onyx and she looked great in her wetsuit. The singer clad a pink and black wetsuit for the beach day and she went to the beach without makeup.

In one of the beach photos, Souleye and son Imre are seen surfing as Morissette captures the moments with a waterproof camera.

World breastfeeding week

Earlier this year, when Onyx was only a few weeks old, Morissette celebrated World Breastfeeding Week with intimate pictures and posts on social media, the Daily Mail reported. A snap showed the singer breastfeeding the 6-week-old baby girl, and the photo was accompanied by a post referring to Oxytocin, a hormone or medication that induces or accelerate labor in pregnant women. It can now be said the post was a precursor to the Alanis Morissette controversial breastfeeding picture now circulating online.

In the same post celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, Morissette also made a commitment to be the keeper of her daughter’s life.

Morissette’s celebration of breastfeeding week came only a few weeks after she shared the first photo of her daughter, Onyx, online. Before breaking the news about the new family addition, daughter Onyx, Morissette shared nude photos of herself that revealed her swollen belly in a swimming pool.

Morissette announced her pregnancy in April, sharing an animated video accompanied by a song that she later said was written, recorded, and produced in just six hours. He said the song, which was produced on May 22, 2010, was designed as a surprise for her husband Souleye. Guy Sigsworth worked on the song, Morissette revealed in the April post.

For now, the singer’s fans can sample the Alanis Morissette controversial breastfeeding picture.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]