Katie Holmes Brags About Suri To Tom Cruise? ‘She Makes Every Day Great’

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have been divorced since 2012, and since then, the actor’s relationship with Suri also got worse. There were reports that the Mission: Impossible star hasn’t seen his 10-year-old daughter for more than three years. According to Radar Online, the 37-year-old actress has been doing her best to live a normal life ever since their marriage ended. She seems to have moved on, but that hasn’t stopped her from throwing shade on her ex-husband.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Holmes gushed over Suri and revealed how she changed her life for the better. The former Dawson’s Creek star talked about her special bond with her child and how this helped her make her on-screen mother-daughter relationship look real. Katie also had to give credit to her little girl for giving her the courage to try new things such as directing her first movie All We Had.

“She gets a special thanks for everything, [for] every job I do, because she makes every day great and awesome and better,” the brunette beauty said. “I know myself better because of her, so she’ll always get a special thanks.”

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes
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It seems that Katie Holmes is trying to show Tom Cruise what he’s missing and how Suri has inspired her to become a better person. The Hollywood superstar has missed out on many special occasions, including their daughter’s 10th birthday back in May. The actress reportedly threw a huge party for her child, but that didn’t cover up the sadness the birthday girl felt because her father wasn’t able to make it.

“Suri was miserable,” an insider told Radar Online. “All she wanted was time with her dad, but he didn’t even send a present!”

The 54-year-old actor appears to be heavily involved with his work, which is why he couldn’t spend much time with his daughter. However, the real reason centers around the Church of Scientology, where he is one of their most celebrated members. According to Us Weekly, Holmes doesn’t want her kid to be raised in Cruise’s religion and homeschooled by their teachers.

“She wanted Suri to go to a normal school with regular kids,” an insider revealed.

Because of her decision, Katie and her daughter have been excommunicated from the Top Gun star’s life. Tom’s children with Nicole Kidman, Connor and Isabella, have both chosen to remain members of the Church of Scientology.

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Early this year, Connor turned 21 and celebrated his birthday at the Temple Nightclub in San Francisco. Just a few days before his new milestone, he visited his father on the set of Jack Reacher in New Orleans. According to Mail Online, the A-lister looked thrilled seeing his son on the set. He reportedly shook his hand and gave him a big hug. The two sat down, laughed and had a catch-up while he was on a break from filming.

The Church of Scientology was the main reason why Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise got divorced. This was confirmed by Ronald Miscavige, the father of the organization’s leader David Miscavige. According to the Daily Mail, the biggest issue was the actress’ fear of losing her own daughter if they continue to raise her as a Scientologist.

There were rumors of Cruise dumping Scientology for his daughter. However, it seems that won’t be happening anytime soon, which means that Katie would still have Suri all to herself. The Inquisitr previously reported on Tom defending his religion from haters during a recent interview.

“It’s something that has helped me incredibly in my life, I’ve been a Scientologist for over 30 years,” he said. “It’s something, you know, without it, I wouldn’t be where I am. So it’s a beautiful religion, I’m incredibly proud.”

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