Calvin Harris ‘My Way’ Lyrics: Did He Lie When He Claimed The Song Had Nothing To Do With Taylor Swift?

The official music video for the song titled “My Way” by Calvin Harris hit YouTube yesterday and it has caused a few questions to resurface – what do the lyrics mean and does the lyrics or music video have anything to do with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift?

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift had been together for roughly 15 months before their relationship abruptly came to an end. Taylor Swift has been criticized for some time now for dating guys and breaking up with them only to use the break up to help promote a heartbreaking love song. When Calvin Harris released “My Way” shortly after their relationship came to an end and people got to hearing and reading the lyrics of the song, it didn’t take long for people to speculate that the song was a dig at his ex-girlfriend.

According to Independent, Calvin Harris quickly shot down these rumors and speculations by claiming the song had absolutely nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend. For anyone who has read or heard the lyrics of “My Way,” the following line is what many people assumed to be a dig at Taylor Swift.

“I made my move and it was all about you/Now I feel so far removed.”

Calvin Harris claimed the lyrics of the song and the timing of his break-up with Taylor Swift was just a coincidence. Harris went on to explain that he had started working on the lyrics to “My Way” several years ago. He claimed the lyrics were actually about how he had plotted his escape from a minimum wage job and the struggles of cracking the difficult music industry.

Calvin Harris was not always a rich and famous DJ. In fact, there was a time where he was working a bread counter in a Safeway. He, however, did find a way to break free from that minimum wage job and he is now one of the highest earning DJs in the world according to Independent.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to My Way by Calvin Harris, you can watch (or listen) to the official music video below.

Calvin Harris released the official music video on YouTube just a few days ago. It didn’t take long for the speculation regarding whether or not the video and the lyrics had anything to do with his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift to start to spread again.

Despite the fact that Calvin Harris has denied that the lyrics to “My Way” have anything to do with Taylor Swift, Us Weekly claims the music video appears to throw shade at Swift. In the music video, Calvin puts on a virtual-reality headset and then experiences a breakup with a girl. While the girl does not have any physical similarities to Taylor Swift, she is wearing ensembles that match some of Taylor Swift’s more memorable fashion moments. It was technically E News who first noticed the Taylor Swift-themed fashion in the music video.

One of the most striking scenes in the music video is when the love interest starts to levitate horizontally in the make-believe living room. While doing so, she mirrors a pose Swift made during her “Bad Blood” music video in 2015. In addition to mimicking this position, the love interest is also wearing an ensemble that is very similar to something Taylor Swift has worn.

Is it possible that Calvin Harris lied when he said the lyrics to My Way had nothing to do with Taylor Swift? Are people just finding similarities between Taylor Swift and the girl in the video because they are looking for them? Share your thoughts on the lyrics and music video of “My Way” by Calvin Harris in the comments below.

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