Tyga Pressuring Kylie Jenner To Buy Him A New Car Amid Financial Struggle

Tyga is reportedly pressuring Kylie Jenner to buy him a new car, having somewhat grown jealous of the expensive vehicle collection the 19-year-old has outside of her Calabasas home.

The rapper has had several run-ins with the law this past year as far as his financial situation is concerned. First, Tyga found himself owing thousands of dollars for cars he had leased but failed to make payments for, then there was the warrant for his arrest over a dispute with his previous landlord, and then he had his other leased cars towed away back in August.

Tyga is in a financial crisis right now, and to nobody’s surprise, the father of one is finding it hard to keep up with Kylie Jenner, who makes the majority of her income from her popular lip kit line and her clothing collections.

Kylie doesn’t really have problems when it comes to making money, unlike Tyga, a source reveals. The “Faded” artist hasn’t put out music that has impacted the charts in years, and while he’s now signed to Kanye West’s record label — thanks to Kylie — he has yet to release an album under the GOOD Music company.

A source for Hollywood Life reveals, “Forget Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Tyga’s trying to keep up with Blac Chyna and needs Kylie [Jenner]’s money to do so. Tyga is all the way jealous of Chyna’s new Rolls Royce.”

“That’s a straight up boss ride that Chyna’s pushing and Tyga’s hating on the low. He hinted to Kylie that while he likes his Bentley, he wants the Rolls that Chyna has and he’s trying to talk Kylie into going to the dealer with him to go on a test drive. Tyga acts like a teenage boy sweet talking his parents when he wants something and Kylie falls for it every time. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s driving that new whip Monday.”

Over the summer, Kylie had already purchased Tyga a brand new Maybach vehicle, ET Online reveals, along with the dozens of other presents she’s gifted him throughout the year.

And to make matters worse, Tyga is allegedly staying with Jenner at her home in Calabasas, which somewhat gives the impression that Kylie more or less runs the relationship, for she not only pays the bills, she’s also rewarding Tyga with gifts when she’s in the mood for it.

The insider continues to tell Hollywood Life that Tyga definitely “knows how to sweet talk Kylie” when he wants a new gift from the 19-year-old reality star, and for the most part, it tends to work for him.

Aside from being showered in presents all the time, Tyga is also benefiting off the Kardashian platform with his club appearances, allegedly charging up to $40,000 per gig. Through Kylie, the rapper ended up landing his own reality show on MTV 2 last year, so there’s a lot of good that has come out of the relationship for Tyga, but the same can’t be said for Kylie.

Fans are under the impression that Kylie is being naive about the whole situation since this is said to be the first time she’s been in love. She initially dumped Tyga earlier this year, but it didn’t take long before the couple reconciled and gave their romance another shot.

It was then revealed that the “Rack City” artist had moved in with Kylie at her new home in Calabasas, which would evidently prevent him from having any more problems with his landlords for failing to make regular payments.

[Featured Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]