Tyga Slams Blac Chyna For Ridiculing Son King Cairo By Calling Him Ugly: Feud Escalates Days Before Baby Birth

Tyga is furious over a video his ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna posted on her social media page, where she blatantly jokes around with her son, King Cairo, before calling him ugly.

The pregnant reality star can be seen dancing in the video with her growing baby bump on full display. Within seconds, however, she moves towards King, who she calls “ugly,” which is a word that’s also used in the song, “Juju On The Beat,” she sings throughout the clip.

And while many of Blac Chyna’s fans understood that there were no ill intentions in calling her son ugly, Tyga clearly didn’t see the humor in what was shown to him. He sees how Chyna may have tried to be funny, but publishing it on her social media pages instigates a lot of drama.

Tyga feels as if people are going to make fun of his son because his mother branded him as an ugly child, which clearly wasn’t the case but it could very well be interpreted in that way, the rapper stresses.

Tyga knows that Blac is a good mother to Cairo, but he strongly believes that it was an act of bad parenting on Chyna’s part to place such a video online.

“Tyga is not cool with Chyna calling King ugly, joking or not,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“He thinks Chyna’s a really good mother, but made a big mistake with saying what she did and then an even bigger mistake by posting on social. That’s just way out-of-pocket and King is a highly intelligent kid who remembers everything and Tyga’s certain he’ll remember this.”

In the video, King Cairo doesn’t even react to the word when Blac looks in his face and calls him ugly, giving the impression that he wasn’t paying much attention to his mother when she was fooling around in her sweatpants.

But again, Tyga’s problem is more so with the fact that Chyna posted it on her social media page. And if there’s one thing that neither of the two needs right now, it’s more drama.

Blac is just days away from giving birth to her baby with Rob Kardashian, having recently found herself being accused of cheating on her fiancé with an aspiring rapper named Pilot Jones, who is claiming that he had an ongoing affair with Chyna earlier this year, TMZ states.

Meanwhile, Tyga has had his own share of issues — particularly with his financial problems. Several of his cars were towed this summer, right after his former landlord filed multiple lawsuits to receive the money Tyga had owed in back payments.

The “Faded” rapper clearly doesn’t want Blac’s parenting skills to be the next thing he now has to worry about. As previously said, he knows that Chyna is a good mother, but posting such a video online only opens the doors for other people to laugh at the idea of a mother calling her son ugly.

It’s unclear whether Blac has responded to Tyga’s claims just yet, but there’s no doubt that the 26-year-old will address the matter with the mother of his child when they see each other again.

News of Tyga’s outrage at the video clip comes just days after reports claimed the “Rack City” artist is demanding lavish presents from Kylie Jenner for his upcoming birthday next month, having already compiled a list of items he wants the 19-year-old to buy him, it’s been alleged.

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