Killer Clown Costume-Wearers Will Not Be Tolerated In The UK

A killer clown costume may be a cool way to scare people this Halloween season, but try doing that in the U.K. and the Metropolitan Police will be on you in an instant.

That is the message that the police in the U.K. are telling everyone who intends to put on a killer clown costume and scare people this Halloween season and with good reason.

Halloween often enables people to let loose their demons for a night of revelry, but a trend that started in the United States is becoming a grave concern in the United Kingdom.

Killer clown costume-wearing people have been terrorizing civilians all throughout the U.K. and some of them aren’t just popping out of bushes to shout “boo!” at their victims.

Some of them try to chase down their targets with possible murder on their minds.

The rising number of “killer clown” incidents in the U.K. has become worrisome not just for parents and other people but for the police force as well.

U.K.’s police are addressing the issue and they plan on implementing a strict rule to prevent these clown-wearing thugs from terrorizing other people.

Another horrifying incident with a killer clown costume-wearing thug involves a 26-year-old man in North Yorkshire, wherein he was stabbed by a group of people wearing clown masks.

Another incident involved a woman in London wherein she was chased by a killer clown who was waving a knife at her.

According to the Evening Standard, the killer clown was riding a bicycle when he spotted the woman and proceeded to chase her while brandishing a knife.

Two teenage girls in Suffolk encountered a man wearing a killer clown mask and who was threatening them with a knife.

A man from Portsmouth suffered a stab wound from killer clown costume-wearing people when he confronted a girl in their gang and her accomplices retaliated.

People in clown masks even targeted kids and according to Childline, a counselling service for children, they have already received 462 calls from children who are traumatized by people wearing clown masks.

Creepy clown mask being sold at a store.
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Attacks on children even prompted NSPCC, a charity outfit designed to protect children, to warn parents that child molesters may use the killer clown costume trend to target kids. They said that parents should be extra careful this Halloween season. They should keep an eye out for these people and prevent them from getting too close to their children.

Those are just some of the incidents involving people wearing creepy clown masks and terrorizing other people, but the rising number in these terrifying incidents has prompted the police in the U.K. to take desperate measures in fending off further attacks.

According to The Telegraph, the Metropolitan Police, which is the biggest police force in the United Kingdom, has issued a warning telling everyone that if they put on a killer clown costume and scare people they can be prosecuted and get a criminal record.

The Metropolitan Police said that the deliberate act of scaring people is a criminal offense according to the public order act and those who do not respect this law will be punished accordingly.

Bedfordshire Police also issued a warning to would-be lawbreakers that if they do put on a killer clown costume and start terrorizing people, they will be arrested immediately and they will be charged with a public order offense, which could result to a six-month prison sentence.

It’s not just the police force though that is imposing penalties for anti-social behavior.

Some of the pubs around the U.K. said that anyone wearing a killer clown costume will not be permitted to enter their establishment.

The Halloween season may have given these delinquent people an opportunity to let loose their demons but the U.K. police will not tolerate such anti-social behavior and anyone who steps out of line will meet the full extent of the law.

Creepy clown masks being sold at a store for Halloween.
[Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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