‘Pokemon GO’ Daily Quests To Tide Fans Over Until One-On-One Battles Begin?

Cyber sleuths looking to get the one up on what is next uncovered Pokemon GO Daily Quests this past week while data mining their way through the latest update. While there is no indication on where or when fans can expect to see this next addition to the No. 1 app in the world this year, it has many tech gurus excited. The question becomes whether or not simple things like daily quests can be enough for diehard fans?

For those not in-the-know, daily quests are a popular tactic used in many apps to keeps fans coming back day after day. The idea is that the more often you are in an app the more likely you are to spend cash. It should be a testament that up to this point Pokemon GO has become the most profitable app of all time despite the fact that it has employed little in the way of strategies like this.

Miners at Pokemon Go Hub posted their finding on what to expect from the initial round of daily quests that they found buried in the last major update. While the group claims there will be three, only two are clearly labeled. The first is First Catch of the Day. The other is First Stop of the Day. The final quest is simply labeled Unknown Type.

[Image by AP Photo/Kin Cheung]

So, what can one expect to receive from completing the quests? There currently is no clear reward to be given. Incubators used for hatching eggs are mentioned, but this can’t be confirmed. Currently, incubators are given at certain level increases, or they can be purchased from the shop.

As you can imagine with the popularity that Pokemon GO has enjoyed, fans have been looking for a reason to get back in. With no major updates to speak of since the initial release and the fact that many elements have been broken (sightings radar), GO had recently slipped from the No. 1 spot in the app store.

The daily quest leak, along with the Halloween Festival event, has gotten fans excited again. It recently reclaimed the top spot. Forbes said the addition of quests “could be one of the most important things coming to Pokemon GO in a while.”

[Image by the Pokemon Company]

However, it is important to note what was not mentioned in the most recent update. Players have been clamoring since the release in July for player-versus-player battles. In the trailer for Pokemon GO, there are scenes where two players are clearly matched in a battle against one another. Niantic CEO John Lanke, speaking with TechCrunch as late as September, discussed that player battles are something that should make it into the game.

“I have [a] 10 year old son–he’s my Pokemon expert, we play together–he wants to battle his friends in Pokemon Go. Battling is something we talk a lot about. It’s probably something that will make its way onto our roadmap.”

Another important feature missing from the game as well as the latest information mined is Pokemon trading. Trading is a popular feature present in all Pokemon games from the beginning including the core games (Pokemon Sun) as well as the Pokemon Trading Card Game. While Niantic has recognized that battling and trading are “core” features of Pokemon, they have yet to utilize them. In the meantime, players will have to make due until the next update. It could have these features as well as the second generation of Pokemon.

How do you feel about Pokemon GO Daily Quests? Is it enough to make you open the app daily, or is this just another minor update that will have little effect for you?

[Featured Image by Thomas Cytrynowicz/AP Images]