How Does The 2016 Net Worth Of Mariah Carey Compare To The Net Worth Of James Packer?

James Packer and Mariah Carey have recently broken off their engagement and everyone is dying to know why. Is it possible the extreme difference in the 2016 net worth of Mariah and James could have had anything to do with it? That’s what some sources are starting to speculate.

According to Just Richest, as of 2016, Mariah Carey has a net worth of $520 million. James Packer, by comparison, has a 2016 net worth of $3.4 billion. Would the extreme difference in the net worth between these two have had anything to do with the reason they broke off their engagement? Keep reading to find out what happened between this Australian billionaire and Mariah Carey.

Was It Extravagant Spending That Caused Them To Break Up?

Rumors have started to fly that James Packer and Mariah Carey broke off their engagement because James couldn’t handle Mariah’s extravagant spending habits. A source told People that James was a businessman who was all about making money and Mariah’s eccentric ways and extravagant spending habits just caused drama for the couple.

A representative of Mariah Carey, however, shot down that speculation in a statement to ET by claiming the fight between the couple had nothing to do with the difference in their 2016 net worth, her spending habits, or cheating allegations. Forbes did report that his finances had taken a bit of a hit in the last few years. He had stepped down from his position on the Crown Resorts board and he sold some of his properties. He, however, is still one of the 500 richest people in the world and the sixth-richest individual who is native to Australia.


Will She Get To Keep The Expensive Ring?

Given just how large the 2016 net worth of James Packer is, one can assume he spent a great deal of money on the engagement ring he gave to Mariah Carey. In fact, the 35-carat diamond ring is estimated to be worth roughly $7.5 million. While Woman’s Day has reported that Mariah Carey will get to keep the expensive engagement ring, this is not something that has been confirmed. She has, however, been spotted wearing the ring after it was confirmed that the engagement was off.


Was He Unstable?

If James Packer and Mariah Carey breaking off their engagement had nothing to do with the extreme difference in their 2016 net worth, then why did the relationship come to an end? Sources allegedly close to Mariah Carey claimed that Packer is “not in his right mind.” There have also been rumors claiming that he has gotten “violent” with her. A source also told E! News that James was not “mentally healthy” enough to be in a relationship right now. However, a representative of Packer has stepped forward to deny any claims that James is unhealthy or unstable. The source claims Mariah is just trying to twist things in order to make her look better at the end of the relationship. The source told PEOPLE that while James is a little on the odd side, he is a brilliant and great guy.


Was He Jealous Of Other Men?

Other rumors have started to spread that contradict claims that the difference in the 2016 net worth between the two individuals and Mariah’s spending habits had something to do with the breakup. These rumors claim that Mariah and James Packer ended their engagement because he was jealous of the attention Carey got from other men. Some of the rumors suggested that there were issues specifically with her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

Given the fact that Mariah Carey had a 2016 net worth that is significantly less than James Packer’s, do you think that they should have been together? Does how much money someone has or someone is worth really have that big of an impact on a relationship – and a marriage. Share your thoughts on the way the net worth of these two individuals compares in the comments section below.

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