‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Halloween Event Coming To Xbox One After All, Just A Few Days Late

Studio Wildcard upset Xbox One owners of ARK: Survival Evolved when they pulled the Fear Evolved 2 event from Friday’s console update after previously announcing it. The developer has reversed course a second time and will now bring the Halloween-theme event to Xbox owners, just a little bit after trick-or-treating is done.

As covered on Friday, the absence of two key members of the Studio Wildcard team resulted in Fear Evolved 2 being pulled from Xbox One patch 744.0. The ability to transform into Vampires and Werewolves was also cut for the PC version. Console fans of the open-world survival game voiced their disappointment resulting in the developer electing to put extra hours in over the weekend to bring it to Xbox.

“It’s very clear that you guys are incredibly passionate about the game and love it to bits. We apologize about our poor scheduling and it was really unforeseen circumstances that prevented the initial release but we are going to work hard to get it out to you as soon as possible, even if it comes slightly after Halloween!” Studio Wildcard announced in an update posted to the game’s official website Saturday.

A Wyvern from the Fear Evolved 2 event for ARK: Survival Evolved.
[Image by Studio Wildcard]

“A lot of members on the team are going to be working pretty much non-stop over the next few days to get this ready! It should have been something we planned for, but alas did not – however we do listen to your concerns and this is clearly a mistake we need to learn from and get better at it,” the studio explained.

“We apologize for the disappointment and we hope that you will enjoy the Fear Evolved content once it reaches console in a few days!”

The current release target patch 745, which brings Fear Evolved 2 to the Xbox One is Wednesday, November 2, per a Twitter post from Community Manager Jen. The event will still run for a full week despite starting five days later on the console than it did on PC and two days after Halloween. For now, it appears the PC version of Fear Evolved 2 will conclude on Friday, November 8.

The Fear Evolved 2 Halloween-themed event gives players the chance to collect new items and fight the ferocious DodoWyvern on Scorched Earth or the DodoRex on The Island and The Center.

The new cosmetic items that can be obtained include Vampire Eyes, Werewolf Mask, and Clown Mask. This is in addition to cosmetic items from last year’s event, such as Witch Hats. Studio Wildcard had intended to include the ability to turn into Vampires and Werewolves in this year’s event. Unfortunately, that was pulled from release for the same reason the Xbox One version was delayed.

Costumes and Masks from the Fear Evolved 2 event for ARK: Survival Evolved.
[Image by Studio Wildcard]

Players can also find Scarecrows, Skelesaur costumes for their tamed dinos, Candy Corn drops, and more. Survivors can expect to see wild Alpha dinosaurs to appear with Skelesaur skins. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear everything made it into The Center map. The Scarecrows appear to be missing, for example.

The good news is the collectible items are just that, collectible. ARK: Survival Evolved does not have any microtransactions to purchase skins or crates that contain skins. They can be picked up by players as loot drops from killing different creatures in the game, through supply drops, and chests.

Studio Wildcard also has a Christmas Holiday event planned for ARK: Survival Evolved later this year. The game received the Winter Wonderland event on the PC next year and will return to the platform for 2016. An Xbox One release is also planned, so the community will have to wait and see if the developer can pull off a simultaneous release this time.

[Featured Image by Studio Wildcard]