Donald Trump Calls For The 2016 Election To Be Called Off And Declare Him A Winner Amid F.B.I. Reopening Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation

GOP candidate Donald J. Trump suggested that the U.S. presidential election should be canceled and ruled in his favor amid Hillary Clinton’s recent email scandal, Independent reports.

Even though Trump has stated that he thinks the election should be canceled and ruled in his favor, the polls continue to indicate that Hillary will be the predicted winner on November 8. It’s just 11 days until election day, and both candidates hit the campaign trail trying to reach every undecided voter possible to swing the election in their favor.

“Why are we even having it for? What do we have it for? Her policies are so bad. Boy, do we have a big difference,” Donald Trump said in a sarcastic tone. The “it” he was referring to was the election. He actually believes that he has won the election and Hillary will be forced to concede to him on November 8.


Trump has touted for weeks that the election was rigged against him and told his followers that Hillary Clinton could “steal” the presidency from him. The national polls have shown over the past month that Donald’s ratings plummeted after more than a dozen women came forward with sexual allegations against the GOP candidate. They discovered that the old voting machines were the source of the problem. Apparently, during early voting, it caused the wrong candidate to be selected by touchscreens. Voters claimed that they tried to select Donald Trump’s name on the touchscreen and the machine entered Hillary’s name. It created a panic among Donald Trump’s supporters and prompted the candidate to address the issue in many of his speeches.

After an investigation, the analysts reported that the voter machine slip-up was not a deliberate act and could be easily fixed. Even so, Donald Trump was not satisfied with their findings and worried that more of his supporters votes would go in Hillary’s pile.

FBI Director, James Corney, made an announcement that he was reviewing new evidence in the email investigation that was considered a closed case in July. Corney didn’t explicitly state which emails that he was reviewing. However, Trump jumped to the conclusion they were linked to the former congressman Anthony Weiner, who is married to a top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, and is under investigation for exchanging lewd text messages with a minor.

The new FBI investigation has hurt Clinton’s campaign. According to the newest national polls, Trump is ahead in many of the swing states. She has a double-digit lead on him for nearly two weeks, and the recent decline is a concern for Hillary’s campaign. For many voters, the newest scandal brings up the question on whether Hillary Clinton can be trusted and if she is fit for the presidency.

Hillary’s supporters fear that the FBI will uncover new evidence that may implicate Clinton and could lead to another criminal investigation just days before the 2016 presidential election. The fact is, every American is aware that the email scandal was a complete mess. They know that Hillary was completely irresponsible when she exchanged classified information on a private email account. Whether or not, the FBI will uncover new information is the question.


Trump has talked at length about Clinton’s email scandal but hasn’t mentioned the fact that Former President George W. Bush and Dick Cheney deleted 5 million emails in 2007. The emails were the subject of an investigation detailing the reason that eight U.S. District Attorneys lost their positions. Occupy Democrats reported that after a lengthy investigation, they discovered that the deleted emails were closer to 22 million, not 5 million like originally believed. And, yet, Donald Trump doesn’t talk about it and harps on Clinton’s deleted emails.

The fact is, Hillary Clinton can no longer coast to win the 2016 election, Politico reports. Donald Trump plans to give her a run for her money and calls for her to “do the right thing” and bow out of the race with only 11 days left in the campaign. Whether or not Clinton’s emails will affect the voting result is not known. One thing is for sure, this election could be very close, and no one can predict who will win based on the recent national polls.

Voters, did Hillary Clinton’s email scandal affect your presidential choice for the 2016 election?

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