‘The Walking Dead’: Four Ways Negan Could End Up Dying In Season 7, Robert Kirkman Weighs In

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Oct. 29 2016, Updated 7:08 a.m. ET

Walking Dead fans are still recovering from Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham’s (Michael Cudlitz) brutal murderers during the Season 7 premiere. Something tells us that it will take more than a few days to move on, and the crippling grief may linger for quite awhile. Many TWD viewers are demanding that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) pay for brutally beating Glenn and Abraham to death. Others feel that he proved to be one of the best villains ever to appear in the series, Rolling Stone reports. So, what is Negan’s fate on the show? We have four ways The Walking Dead could kill Negan in Season 7.


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Rick Will Kill Him

Negan may have broken Rick (Andrew Lincoln) during the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, but he did mutter the words “I am going to kill you.” One thing we know about Rick is that he is a man of his word. If he tells him he plans to kill him, chances are he will get it done. Popsugar reports that he will likely get his revenge on Negan, but it could be a long time from now — seasons down the road.


His Army Will Turn Against Him

Walking Dead spoilers tease that Negan probably has crossed a few of the Saviors, and they may be getting tired of the way he runs things. If enough people in his army get tired of his leadership, there is a good chance they will revolt against him — and kill the once terrifying leader. Of course, if this happened, Rick would feel cheated. But, at least, the gang would be able to rest without the threat of Negan returning gone.

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Negan Won’t Die [Like In The Comic Book Series]

Walking Dead comic book writer Robert Kirkman explained that it is possible Negan will not die in the series. It was a scoop that upset many of TWD fans because they couldn’t want to see him die a horrifying death after killing Glenn and Abraham. It looks like the battle to seek revenge against Negan will not be easy and could span over several seasons.

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Robert Kirkman told Entertainment Weekly that in the comic series, Negan and Rick will eventually battle against each other and desperately try to kill one another. After a series of heated exchanges, Rick slits Negan’s throat, but he survives the altercation. Two years down the road, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Rick capture Negan and hold him in the basement of an abandoned house. Later, Negan escapes, and as far as Walking Dead readers/viewers are concerned, Negan is alive somewhere, ready to strike at Carl and Rick.

Someone Else Will Kill Him

It’s definitely a possibility that Negan has other enemies besides Carl and Rick. He seems like the type who makes enemies wherever he goes. So, we have to suggest the possibility that someone else could kill him. Daryl (Norman Reedus) was arguably the most traumatized after Glenn’s death because he felt responsible for his murder. The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere showed Maggie (Lauren Cohan) hell-bent on seeking revenge after the Saviors’ leader brutally beat her husband to death. It’s pretty apparent that Negan has made many enemies, and multiple people have a reason to kill him.

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What do you think about the four ways Negan could die (or not) in the coming episodes of The Walking Dead? It looks like the good news is that Rick does defeat Negan. Unfortunately for Walking Dead viewers, they will not get to see him die in a horrific way.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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