‘Days Of Our Lives’: Chloe Gets Another Paternity Test, Nadia Bjorlin Reveals ‘DOOL’ Spoilers, Baby Daddy Shocker!

Days of Our Lives fans should expect a lot next week. Not only are Kayla and Marlena missing, but there will also be issues with the other characters as well. Spoilers reveal that Chloe will have another paternity test. In an interview, Nadia Bjorlin teased what fans can expect next. Also, find out what is going on with Chad and Gabi, JJ Devereaux, and Hope Brady.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. If you don’t want to know what to expect on the long-running soap opera, then do not continue scrolling past this point.

On Friday’s episode of Days of Our Lives, two important events happened. First, Orpheus pretended to be a magician and kidnapped Kayla and Marlena. Second, a recording of Hope Brady’s murder confession was played at the town square. Everyone in Salem heard Hope admitting that she was the one who killed Stefano DiMera. What is going to happen next week?

According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, DOOL spoilers for next week include Chloe Lane getting another paternity test. As fans recall, she had one that was supposed to show Philip Kiriakis as the father instead of Deimos. Kate Roberts was supposed to convince the doctor to switch the results.

On Days of Our Lives, Chloe was positive that Deimos Kiriakis was the biological father. However, Kate never made it to the doctor’s office in time because of her run-in with Clyde Weston. Imagine everyone’s surprise when Deimos was told he was not the father. However, Philip wasn’t the baby daddy, either. Right now, Chloe is missing, and Deimos is searching for her after Nicole Walker told him what she knew. Next week, he apparently finds Chloe, because a second paternity test is done on the unborn child. Nadia Bjorlin also revealed some information on Chloe’s storyline.

“Chloe has figured it out. She’s like, ‘Oh, now I know. This person makes sense.'”

Bjorlin wasn’t told beforehand who the real father of Chloe’s baby was. It wasn’t until after she returned from maternity leave that the actress finally found out. Apparently, she never would have speculated that this person was the father.

“… I was very shocked. I couldn’t have guessed it in a million years. That’s all I can say.”

As for what else is happening on Days of Our Lives next week, spoilers from the publication state that Hope Brady will be arraigned. Several months ago, she murdered Stefano DiMera. Over the past few weeks, Aiden Jennings was holding that over her head. However, with him gone, someone else has made it public. That individual is Andre DiMera. Not only does he play the confession recording in the town square, but he also tells Hope, Rafe, and Roman that he will destroy them all.

Also, expect JJ Devereaux to come home from the hospital. Days of Our Lives spoilers previously teased that while sleeping, he will say something that will shock Jennifer Horton. Is it the same reason why he keeps apologizing? What is he saying sorry about? Does it have to do with Gabi, Abigail, or something else?

Speaking of JJ, he isn’t going to like what is going on between Chad and Gabi. The two are going to get even closer than before. There is no question that Gabi loves JJ. However, she does have a history with Chad and has anyone else noticed that twinkle in his eye when he looks at Eduardo’s daughter?

What do you think is going to happen with Chloe’s paternity test? Who is the father of her baby? Find out the answer to this and more when Days of Our Lives airs new episodes next week.

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