Anonymous vs the Australian Government, play by play live

In two minutes from when I type this, Anonymous is declaring war on the Australian Government over its decision to implement Draconian internet censorship. We’re tracking the attack blow by blow, without taking part.

Tick tick tick.

Update: 7pm: and so it begins.

7:05pm (AEST), Ministers page is slow to load, but still up

7:10pm ACMA still up, but slow. The DoS isn’t working, least on the Australian end.

7:11pm weve confirmed on site (via a source) that the sites due to be attacked have been taken down from the coordination page, possibly before the raid.

7:15pm: Conroy’s pages are all up. The raid looks like it might fail.

7:18pm DOWN!

7:21pm Kevin Rudd’s page is down completely. Strike one to Anonymous

7:25pm Kevin Rudd is back up.

7:27pm either Anonymous failed, or the Australian Government over prepared. Sadly the raid failed because the target sites remain up.

7:28: that’s it for our live coverage, Anonymous had failed today. They’ll learn though from this, and be more powerful next time.

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