‘RHOC’ Stars Tamra Judge And Shannon Beador Claim Their Friendship With Vicki Gunvalson Is Over ‘Forever’

Vicki Gunvalson’s friendship with Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador has reached an all-time low.

In the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County, fans watched their ongoing feud spiral out of control while the ladies tried to make the most of their Ireland getaway.


Will Judge and Beador ever be able to forgive Gunvalson?

According to People, things are officially over between the three women and Tamra explained why.

“Vicki has been spreading rumors about me and Eddie for about four years. She didn’t know that I knew. And so I said basically if she did one more thing to me this season, I’m done. I’ve forgiven her for lying about cancer and brought her back into the group when a lot of people didn’t want to be around her.”

Sadly, Gunvalson couldn’t resist talking about Eddie.

“Sure enough at the end of the day, she stabbed me in the back again,” Judge concluded.

Indeed, Gunvalson has been spreading rumors about Eddie and his alleged affairs to Kelly Dodd. She’s also discussed the reports of abuse leveled at Beador’s husband, David.

“I didn’t doubt Kelly because Vicki has a track record of not telling the truth and it is a pattern,” Beador explained.


“I think that Vicki really used Kelly as her puppet,” Tamra Judge continued. “She knew that Kelly is impulsive and when she drinks she’s explosive and she knew that she would bring it up.”

Given everything Gunvalson has done in the past, Judge admitted that she can’t trust her former friend and is “not speaking to her.”

Beador couldn’t agree more.

“That’s it,” she added. “Ties are severed – forever.”

According to Page Six, Gunvalson shocked everyone when she recently claimed that David has been physically abusive to Beador over the years.

Gunvalson’s revelation came after Dodd brought it up in a heated exchange with Beador.

“You know what [Vicki] said about you?” Dodd said. “That your husband beat the s—t out of you. And it’s all out there now – how ’bout that.”

Gunvalson was quick to clear up the matter and tried to backtrack on her comments.

“When David went face-to-face with me, they said, ‘Were you afraid of him hurting me?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I was afraid of David hitting me just like he hit his wife,'” Gunvalson shared.

Beador’s marriage has survived a number of rough patches over the years, but the reality star remains adamant that her husband has never laid a hand on her.


“My husband didn’t touch you and you f***ing provoked him,” Beador fired back. “How dare you? My husband and I have worked on my family, and my kids called you Aunt Vicki. How dare you cut their father down?”

Despite the marital problems, Beador recently revealed that her marriage would have fallen apart if not for the show.

“I don’t think my marriage would be where it is today and I wouldn’t feel as comfortable as I am today,” Beador admitted. “I mean my husband is back, but not only has he made himself accountable to me, but he’s made himself accountable to anyone who watches the show.”

As if things couldn’t get any worse, Us Magazine reports that Gunvalson also talked trash about Judge’s husband.

While Gunvalson hinted that Eddie is gay, Judge told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live that her husband only likes women.

“Well, let’s just put it this way. Yes, me and Eddie are such trolls that I need to be married to someone that’s gay,” she stated. “Why? Why? What’s the point of it?”

Cohen, who is gay, told Eddie that the LGBT folks “would be proud to have [him]” if he was homosexual.


He then told Judge, “From what I understand, you two can’t stop banging.”

“Why is it that a hot guy can’t be straight?” Tamra Judge asked in reply. “I don’t understand it.”

Judge then took a shot at Gunvalson for spreading the gay rumors in the first place.

“I have been so nice to Vicki. I accepted her apology. I got everybody in this group to become friends with her again,” she explained. “This is how I get paid back. She goes around and spreads rumors about my husband?”

Naturally, Gunvalson denies ever saying that Eddie is gay.

Whatever the truth of the matter, E! News reports that Judge was very hurt by what Gunvalson had to say.

“I’ve never done anything to her,” Judge stated. “The only thing I ever did was try to protect her from Brooks [Ayers] and see how that ended up… I’ve done nothing to you but try to be a good friend.”

According to Daily Mail, even Heather Dubrow slammed Gunvalson for spreading rumors on RHOC.


Unless Gunvalson changes her ways in the coming weeks, fans are in for a drama packed reunion.

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