Watch The 2nd Presidential Debate Live Online [Video]

President Obama and Mitt Romney will meet again tonight for the second Presidential Debate of 2012.

According to the Huffington Post, the two candidates will face-off tonight at Hofstra University in New York during a 90-minute town hall-style debate. President Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney will answer questions from the audience on domestic and foreign policy.

Obama was criticized after the first debate for going to soft on his opponent. The President has spent the last few days at “debate boot camp” and is expected to be much more aggressive during tonight’s debate. The town hall-style of debate, however, will make it difficult for the president to go negative against his opponent. Obama will have to find a balance between Joe Biden’s dismissive, but effective performance during the vice presidential debate and his own polite, but weak performance during the first Presidential Debate.

Mitt Romney will be looking to keep his momentum going tonight at Hofstra University. Romney saw a big bump in the polls after the first Presidential Debate and could sway more voters in his directions with another dominating performance tonight. Romney, who has consistently polled below Obama in general likability, has a chance to add some charm to his image in front of a live audience.

The 2nd Presidential Debate airs tonight at 9 pm EST. It will be moderated by CNN’s Candy Crowley. You can watch the debate live on ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and several other television channels. You can also stream the debate live below.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s debate from ABC.

Here’s the pre-debate show from Yahoo.

You can watch the 2nd Presidential Debate of 2012 live online below.