Brad Pitt Sickened By Reports His Children Are Scared Of Him: Angelina Jolie Divorce Proceeds

Brad Pitt is disgusted by reports claiming his children are scared of him following the events that took place between the actor and his son Maddox on a private jet.

While it’s still unclear when the alleged incident took place, sources do reveal that there was a confrontation between father and son in the midst of the flight, which prompted Jolie to file for divorce soon after.

It then raised the question about Brad and his parenting skills: what exactly happened on that private jet that would’ve triggered Angelina to file for divorce papers so quickly? After all, she had been with Brad Pitt well over 10 years prior to marrying him, she most certainly knew what kind of a person he was.

It was then confirmed that there had been an altercation between Pitt and Maddox, but it had been over-exaggerated, particularly by Angelina’s camp, who allegedly helped spread the rumors, to begin with, in the supposed attempt to paint Brad as a bad father.

And when an allegation like that is made, it sticks, which explains why Brad Pitt is said to be furious over the fact that people are now viewing him to be an abusive father, one who has placed so much fear in his children that they don’t even want to see him.

“Those kids have never been afraid of Brad, that’s total BS,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“Yes he and Maddox have been clashing, there have been some blowout arguments, but this is all very normal, most teenage boys and their fathers to go through it. This is not a case of any sort of abuse or of his children being afraid of him, it’s sickening that someone would even say that.”

Last week, it was revealed that Maddox had allegedly hesitated to visit his father following the incident that took place on the private jet, but the teenager eventually gave in and everything was settled for the most part.

On top of that, Jolie has made it clear through her lawyers that she’s not trying to remove Brad Pitt from his parenting duties and very much wants the actor to play a part in their lives whether he ends up finding himself reconciling with Angelina or not.

But the damage has already been done. If there’s anything that Brad Pitt cares about the most, it would be his family, his children, and his wife, at least that’s what sources are saying. Pitt is mentally damaged by the thought of people looking at him as the villain in this case, who has found himself branded as a bad parent.

“Brad’s the most loving and caring father who is fully invested and not any sort of threat. This will get resolved and he will be cleared but this is still horrendous for him,” the outlet’s sources continued.

Brad’s divorce from Angelina Jolie is still ongoing, but it has been confirmed that there won’t be any settlement drama unlike other Hollywood couples, who have found themselves feuding over their properties and shares.

Brangelina has managed to settle their estates in peace, as both parties are looking to walk away with an equal share from their two-year marriage. As for the custody of their children, that is currently still being worked out, especially with all the allegations against Brad, who has been portrayed as quite the bad father.

Brad is hopeful that the fabricated lies about his parenting skills won’t jeopardize his chances to receive joint custody once all is said and done, but sources say Pitt would be lying if he said he wasn’t hurt by the rumors that have circulated in the media about him lately.

According to Us Weekly, the child abuse investigation has now been extended, but what do you think? Do you feel bad for Brad Pitt and the situation he now finds himself in?

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