Is Taylor Swift 'Dating' Drake? Tom Hiddleston 'Shocked' To Hear The Two Were Flirting

Taylor Swift's dating life might have just gotten a little spicier. The pop star was rumored to be getting cozy with Drake, while at his 30th birthday party in Los Angeles, reported Hollywood Life. The two were allegedly cheek-to-cheek, an anonymous source told the online publication.

While Taylor and Drake were having the time of their lives together, Swift's ex, Tom Hiddleston, was reportedly jealous of the two. A source close to the actor told HollywoodLife that he was "shocked at the news."
"When Tom heard that Taylor and Drake were close at the party, his jaw dropped in surprise."
Taylor Swift's dating life is usually pretty straightforward. While the pop star generally has a type, it seems to be that she's straying away from her usual brand of men, the insider disclosed. Hiddleston was supposedly shocked that his ex was attracted to someone so opposite of him. But, that seems to be the case.

Tom Hiddleston was supposedly in "denial" when he heard that the rapper and Swift could possibly be a new couple. Still, Hiddleston is a gentleman and wishes Taylor Swift "the best" in her new romantic endeavor. But, then he snidely added that he "couldn't see that working out," the insider explained to Hollywood Life.

While Taylor Swift dating Drake seems like a completely crazy thought, it may not be as far-fetched as we imagined. Apparently, the rapper couldn't leave Swift's side, explained a source.

"Drake was cozy with Taylor all night long. They were all up on each other — no kissing — but touching each and other and cheeking."
Though the rapper was hosting a birthday party, he apparently sat with Taylor Swift in the corner and continuously whispered in her ear. What was he telling her? Well, they wouldn't disclose. Perhaps the two are collaborating on a music project together. That information remains unknown.

Taylor Swift dating Drake continues to remain nothing but a mere rumor. Still, we can only hope that that doesn't remain the case. Another source close to Swift insists that they are only friends.

Perhaps the pop star is taking a break from the dating scene. After all, Swift has been in and out of tumultuous relationships for the past year-and-a-half. At first, she was dating DJ Calvin Harris for about a year. As we all know, that relationship crashed and burned. Almost immediately after she broke up with Harris, she moved on to Thor star Tom Hiddleston. That also proceeded to fall apart after a few months.

Taylor Swift's dating life is incredibly public. Even when the pop star tries to keep her life on the private side, that never seems to end up being the case. Us Weekly reported that Swift was allegedly shocked by how public Tom Hiddleston wanted his relationship to be with her, reiterated Hollywood Life. The pop star was allegedly the person to end their romance. Taylor can try all she wants to have a private life, but that seems to never be the case when you're an international star.

Taylor Swift's dating rumors only got crazier, when the rapper introduced Swift to his mother. While TMZ claims that the two aren't dating, introducing people to their parents is usually a sign of a budding romance.

Still, Swift coming to Drake's birthday party was surprising. While the two generally don't run in the same circles, that doesn't seem to be the case lately. Drake made a conscious effort to introduce his inner circle to the pop star, reported TMZ. Oddly enough, Swift and Drake have been rumored to be friends for years.

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