Amanda Todd Reporting Team: Facebook Page Attempts To Fight Back Against Teen Hate Pages

The Amanda Todd suicide controversy has brought out internet trolls en masse. From the repeated posting of her nude picture to constant hate speech against the dead teen, internet losers continue to sit behind their computer screens as they attack the death of a teen girl. One group has had enough and has decided to use the unfortunate event to fight back against hate groups geared towards bullying teens.

Known as the Amanda Todd Reporting Team, the group has a simple goal: to find and report any groups that promote direct hate speech and actions against teenagers.

The group is still very new with 675 signed up members, and we honestly would not have heard of it had group member Nate Noerper not stepped forward to introduce himself. In an email, Noerper explained:

“What were doing is trying to get people to post the links of hate pages and photos about Amanda and then the fans can go and report it. Facebook isnt doing anything about the reports and what im trying to say is we are sick and tired of seeing Amanda pictures on Facebook of her flashing her breasts.”

While the pages posted against Amanda Todd are not technically illegal, Facebook will remove offensive content if enough users chose to report certain images, post conversations, videos, and more.

With bullying is at the forefront of many conversations in American today, groups like Amanda Todd Reporting Team are needed to police the web, ensuring that impressionable teens are not pushed in the wrong directions as “part of the crowd.”

Will the Amanda Todd Reporting Teambe successful? If we all do our part and join, it may be. Who knows; perhaps with enough volunteers, this group can spread out and prove the power of social good within the social networking sphere.

You can join the group here:

I personally like the name Users Report Abusers, so here’s hoping campaigns can be launched and some social good can come out of such a tragic event.