Bill Murray Crashes A Kickball Game

Bill Murray has reached the echelon of fame where he can do whatever he wants and no one will think oddly of it, so news that Murray joined in on a kickball game he came across comes as a surprise to no one. It does come as a delight to the internet, which has exploded at the story and the subsequent picture it produced.

For those not in the know about Bill Murray’s easygoing ways, the actor has been known to show up at gatherings where he was not invited, making for some pretty amazing stories for those involved. He’s shown up to rooftop parties, a karaoke party, and even a Cornell University band practice where he acted as conductor, the Washington Post noted.

When he showed up to the South by Southwest festival this year, Bill Murray decided to create his own party by jumping behind a bar and acting as bartender. The bold move led to a couple making a public request that Murray be the bartender at their wedding, with the couple even creating a website to attract him. But alas, Bill Murray was too cool (or just prefers to keep his party crashing spontaneous).

Bill Murray’s kickball escapade was made public by College Humor writer Marina Cockenberg, who published a picture of Murray with her kickball playing friends on her Cockenblog Tumblr. The story of Bill Murray’s kickball game fits perfectly with his past party-crashing ways. Murray apparently was gung ho in the game, running the bases with vigor and slapping high fives. He even picked up the the mother of one of the players in his arms.