Seesmic Update: Nokia client, Twhirl update with support

Two news stories on the Seesmic front this week that we’re late in covering: Seesmic on Nokia phones, and a Twhirl update.

Seesmic is now available on Nokia N95 phones, the first time Seesmic has offered a cell phone client. With the client, Seesmic users are able to record and watch videos directly on their phones. Users can also use the client to reply to their friend’s videos and build a threaded conversation. To download, visit Details also in the video above.

In a positive response to a challenge I laid down in July, Twhirl now supports any install of, the open source client behind The first user was Leo Laporte for his TWiT Army. It’s a logical an easy add on for Twhirl that will help encourage development on the code base, and a big thumbs up to Loic and Seesmic team for doing it.