June 15, 2017
WWE's Brie Bella Shows Off Baby Birdie's Strength, Updates Progress On Postpartum Body, Motherhood

It's only been a month since WWE superstar Brie Bella welcomed her first child with husband Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) but Baby Birdie is growing up and getting stronger fast. The new mama took to Instagram to show off Birdie's new skill, which suggests she just might have a future in the ring.

Brie, on June 12, posted a photo of Birdie enjoying some tummy time, an exercise for babies to help them develop their head, neck, and shoulder strength and promote some motor skills. But what makes it more adorable is that she's wearing some of Bella's wrestling gear.

One June 7, Brie commemorated the first month milestone by posting a heartwarming mother-daughter photo on Instagram. She also provided updates on motherhood on her YouTube channel with twin, Nikki, saying how lucky she is for having a calm baby.

Not only did Birdie display her strength but she already knows how to let her parents know what she wants.

"It's cute because now she'll give me these eyebrows and this really strong look if she wants something or if she's not satisfied, but I've been lucky for how calm she is."
Brie, who is also breastfeeding Birdie, revealed in the video that she isn't experiencing hair loss typical of a mother who recently gave birth. However, she did lose her long eyelashes and they've been going for the last three weeks. But it looks like the beauty wouldn't mind because she's too much in love with her baby.The 33-year-old Total Divas star has also given an update on her weight loss journey. Brie previously said that she would return to the ring soon and she's started a light workout to get back into shape. Lately, though, she hasn't been active because she's still feeling the pain in the C-section area. However, she managed to lose weight in the past four weeks and shared that she lost seven pounds from last week.

Brie has been going healthier with her food, especially now that she has to change her diet. Birdie happens to be allergic to dairy and so she has eliminated some food types from her diet, including dairy, gas-producing vegetables and gluten. That means, Bella is left with a bland diet, which she believes would help her more in shedding off those extra pounds.

Brie Bella talks about motherhood and her weight loss journey
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Daniel, on the other hand, also has a major role to play in Birdie's future in the wrestling world -- teach her some moves. In a new blog update posted on June 12, Daniel shared his experience on being a father for the first time, saying that the journey "has its ups and downs." The retired professional wrestler also has fun with his daughter, revealing that he's been teaching her some wrist locks. He even used the family's French Bulldog, Winston, to demonstrate how he taught Birdie some of the tricks.

Check out the video below where Brie Bella talks about her 1-month-old Birdie.

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