Where Is Julian Assange? Is He Alive Or Dead? Fears Mount For WikiLeaks Founder As The World Is Deafened By His Silence [Video]

Where is Julian Assange? That’s what the world wants to know, now that the WikiLeaks founder seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. The case of the disappearance of Julian Assange began about two weeks ago; that’s when he lost his access to the internet at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has been holed up for nearly three years. The reason that Julian Assange has chosen a life sealed in the embassy? He is trying to avoid extradition to Sweden where he would have to face the legal music for rape and sexual assault charges that have been filed against him in that country.

According to Assange, he believes that Sweden would ultimately extradite him to the United States. If that were to happen, he could potentially spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted on charges related to his unapologetic WikiLeaks website.

Since Julian Assange lost his internet access, there has been no word from the WikiLeaks founder, reports Express UK. It’s been long enough now that loyal fans, followers, and supporters of Assange think that he may have lost more than his internet access; many are starting to think that he could have lost his life.


According to the folks running the WikiLeaks Twitter feed, Julian Assange is safe and sound and still in charge of things, or at least that was the story on Sunday. His supporters don’t seem to be buying the official WikiLeaks line, though, and are asking for something more than a statement to prove Assange is still alive. When WikiLeaks ran a poll on its Twitter feed asking what kind of “proof of life” would be acceptable, an overwhelming percentage of those who participated in the survey want either a new video of Julian Assange or for him to make an appearance at the window of the embassy.

While the internet and social media went a little bit crazy after Julian Assange lost his access to the net, things got worse after a series of bizarre WikiLeaks posts that some believe could have been nothing other than Julian Assange’s “dead man’s switch.” Adding fuel to the fire were photos posted to Twitter by WikiLeaks that showed armed police surrounding the Ecuadorian embassy.

If you’re unaware, a “dead man’s switch” is something often used by prominent political figures or others who believe they may be unceremoniously taken out. In the days of social media, they often feature inexplicable codes and other seemingly bizarre messages that are intended to be decipherable only by a select few who are “in the know.” They can be instructions or anything, really. Julian Assange’s legion of supporters believe that three WikiLeaks tweets posted on October 16 were bizarre enough to fit the description.

Especially now that Julian Assange has seemingly disappeared.

The messages in question were tweeted by WikiLeaks, and they were about a variety of political subjects, as most WikiLeaks tweets are. However, they also included indecipherable codes at the end. Many believe those codes may have been a message (or messages) from Julian Assange himself. Perhaps even announcing his death.

Concerns about the safety and even the life of Julian Assange have become even more poignant in the midst of what looks to be an impending Hillary Clinton presidential victory. As CNN reports, Clinton has a substantial lead over her opponent Donald Trump in most polls, as well as in the electoral map. Even traditionally Republican states are trending toward the Democratic ticket this election cycle. And Hillary Clinton is no fan of Julian Assange.

In fact, it was recently revealed that, during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, she inquired as to whether or not the U.S. could “drone” Julian Assange to eliminate him as an annoyance.


Most of the recent WikiLeaks email dumps have targeted Hillary Clinton and her campaign directly. Many of Julian Assange’s supporters seem to think that she could have used her political influence to rid herself of her “Assange problem” once and for all — and clinch a White House win, too.


So far, WikiLeaks is sticking to its story that Julian Assange is alive and well, somewhere in the depths of the Ecuadorian embassy. Still, his supporters are largely beginning to question the official story. As Heavy reports, some even think that not only is Julian Assange dead, but the entire WikiLeaks organization has been infiltrated and compromised. A few even reportedly believe that information posted since Assange vanished could be fake.

WikiLeaks followers and supporters of Julian Assange want answers and they want proof; at this point the overwhelming majority won’t be satisfied with anything less than incredibly compelling “proof of life.”

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