June 14, 2017
Philadelphia Eagles Sign Jason Peters To A Contract Extension

The Philadelphia Eagles signed 35-year-old left tackle Jason Peters to a one-year extension that will keep him under contract through the 2019 NFL season. Peters is now expected to make $32.5 million on the Philadelphia Eagles payroll over the next three years while receiving an $8 million signing bonus. The All-Pro tackle has been with the Eagles organization since 2009 where he was acquired via a trade with the Buffalo Bills, and he will now be able to finish his career in Philadelphia. Although Peters has been plagued with injuries over recent years, he is still regarded as one of the top linemen in the league and will look to anchor a new Eagles offense heading into the 2017 football season.

Players who open up about wanting a new contract are more often than not unable to get one, but that was not the case for Jason Peters. Peters publicly addressed the media and expressed how he wanted a new contract before the upcoming season, and it only took a day for the Eagles' front office to make that happen. To show management that he was serious about wanting a new contract, Peters skipped the voluntary workouts a few weeks despite the rest of the first-team offense in attendance. Peters has since joined the team for the mandatory workouts and has stepped right in to help fill the giant void he left on the right side of the offensive line. Peters spoke to the media after practice and told them his thoughts on his future with Philadelphia. Kevin Patra of NFL.com wrote about Peters extension and quoted him during his time with the media following practice.

Jason Peters prevents Ryan Matthews from falling during a game against the Cleveland Browns. [Image by Rich Schultz/Getty Images]

"I want to retire here. I don't want to be year-to-year, [wondering] if they're going to release me or are they going to do this, taking pay cuts and all that. I just want to make sure I've got the reassurance that I'm going to retire here."
After sustaining various injuries during the 2015 NFL season, many had wondered if Peters had anything left to give to the game of football. Despite hearing doubts from his critics, Peters was able to get back into his All-Pro form for the 2016 season and even found his way to his 9th Pro Bowl. Moving forward, however, the team has still left the door open for him to move somewhere else on the line as the right tackle, Lane Johnson develops into a top talent in this league.

The Philadelphia Eagles drafted Lane Johnson 4th overall in the 2013 NFL draft with hopes of him eventually taking over Peters' spot on the line. Unfortunately for the organization, Johnson has been subject to two suspensions throughout his four years in the league. With such an unreliable talent on the line, the Eagles have been unable to give Jason Peters' job to the former Oklahoma Sooner. After signing Peters to the extension, however, Philadelphia Eagles head coach did not rule out the idea of moving him to another spot on the Eagles' offensive line. Dave Zangaro of CSN Philly also wrote about Peters new extension and quoted coach Doug Peterson on the idea of moving him to another spot on the line.

"It's hard to speculate, obviously, on that. This year, that would be the scenario. That would be the case. In the future, that's something we would definitely cross that bridge if we needed to move him inside, for instance. But right now, he's left tackle and Lane is right."

With the door now open to Peters may be being shuffled to another spot on the offensive line, it will be interesting to see how Eagles move around their line combinations as we move through the rest of minicamp and into training camp later this summer.

[Featured Image by Al Bello/Getty Images]