Cathriona White’s Ex-Husband Demands Jim Carrey Pay Legal Bills For Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Cathriona White’s ex-husband Mark Burton has hit back against Jim Carrey in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the actor. Burton wants Carrey to pay for the legal fees involved in the case against him if he loses the lawsuit alleging that he is responsible for the death of Cathriona.

Just last week, after White’s mother accused Carrey of lying about his sexually transmitted disease diagnosis, the Liar Liar actor asked a judge to force her to pay a bond in the event that she loses the lawsuit. That bond would help pay Carrey’s legal fees in the event that he wins and proves that he was not negligent in the death of Cathriona White.

Jim Carrey filed an improper removal request, which would essentially move the wrongful death lawsuit from state to federal court. In response to that filing, Mark Burton filed documents requesting that Carrey pays his legal fees, according to a report from Radar Online.

“I directed two other associate attorneys in my office to review Defendant’s notice of removal and to research the law to determine whether the removal was proper,” the court papers filed by Burton’s attorney read. “Plaintiff asks the Court to award $1,344.00 in attorneys’ fees for Defendant’s improper removal.”

Jim Carrey’s attorneys have argued that there are no grounds for Carrey to pay Burton’s legal fees. So far, the judge has not ruled as to whether or not the actor will be made to pay.

This comes as another blow to Jim Carrey, who has been accused of supplying Cathriona White with his own prescription drugs that she used in her own suicide. Cathriona White’s mother, Bridget Sweetman, and Mark Burton also are accusing Jim Carrey of knowingly passing three STDs to White, causing her to become suicidal.

Sweetman claims that Carrey tested positive for hepatitis A, chlamydia, and both oral and genital herpes while visiting a health clinic using the fake name Jose Lopez in order to keep his anonymity. The Inquisitr previously reported that Sweetman filed paperwork accusing the actor of “purposefully hiding” his STD status from Cathriona White and continuing to have sex with her, ultimately passing the sexually transmitted diseases to her.

Jim Carrey allegedly went even further to pressure Cathriona White to keep the STD status a secret in order to protect Carrey, which she ultimately did. However, Burton and Sweetman both are claiming that the psychological effects of contracting the diseases caused her to become depressed. After Carrey ended their relationship, she felt that her newly acquired STDs would make it impossible to find someone else to date. According to TMZ, Cathriona referred to herself as “damaged goods” after the Jim Carrey breakup.

After her suicide in September of 2015, Cathriona White was found to have Percocet, Propanolol, and Ambien in her system. Prescription pill bottles in the name of one of Jim Carrey’s aliases were found in her apartment, and now it is up to a judge to determine if the drugs were given to White or if she took them as Carrey is alleging.

As far as the STD accusations go, Jim Carrey claims that he didn’t pass any infectious diseases to Cathriona prior to her passing. He says that Cathriona White didn’t even have contact with her mother prior to her death and that her marriage to Mark Burton wasn’t legitimate. Carrey claims both the mother and the ex-husband are both suing him in order to profit from Cathriona White’s death because of his wealth and celebrity status.

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