Cathriona White’s Mom Submits Proof Of Jim Carrey’s STDs — Claims Actor Lied About Test Results In Court

Cathriona White’s mom is suing Jim Carrey in the wake of her late daughter’s tragic suicide. Brigid Sweetman is taking the funny man to court, claiming that Carrey gave her daughter three sexually transmitted diseases before dumping her. Sweetman claims that her daughter’s diagnosis led to her suicide and that Carrey is to blame.

Jim Carrey blasted back at Sweetman and the wrongful death lawsuit against him. He claims that Cathriona White had a strained relationship with her mother and that she is only suing in an attempt to cash in on her daughter’s untimely death. Carrey has also argued that he doesn’t have STDs and that the accusations against him are not true.

In the court filing, Cathriona’s mom claims that Jim Carrey gave her daughter Hepatitis A, chlamydia, and herpes. To make matters worse, she also claims that Carrey knew of his STD status and failed to tell Cathriona White that he was suffering from diseases according to Page Six.

The lawsuit goes even further to claim that Carrey “purposefully hid” his STD status from White. The family claims that since they went public with the findings, Carrey has also been scrambling to cover up the lie by claiming they are just trying to take advantage of his celebrity status in order to get their hands on his money. Now, Sweetman is claiming that Carrey is denying that he tested positive for Hepatitis A, chlamydia, and both oral and genital herpes in a “desperate effort to save his career and false persona.”

Carrey has repeatedly denied the STD claims prompting Cathriona White’s mom to give him a bit of a challenge. She said if Carrey would release his own test results, proving that he was STD free then she would drop the wrongful death lawsuit against him. The suit claims that he registered at a health clinic using the alias “Jose Lopez” in order to get tested without the public finding out about it, only to be told that he did, in fact, have some pretty serious sexually transmitted diseases.

On Tuesday, Jim Carrey responded to the wrongful death filing. The Liar, Liar actor claims that the wrongful death lawsuit is just an attempt by Cathriona White’s mother Brigid Sweetman to “cash in” on the death of her daughter.

In addition to filing a response in court, Jim Carrey’s lawyer Marty Singer has responded with a statement regarding the lawsuit. Singer told TMZ, “This is just another desperate attempt by the attorney after Cathriona White’s own family distanced themselves from this sham lawsuit yesterday. These distortions and false statements by the attorney do a disservice to Cathriona’s memory and to the truth. Cat White’s biological mother, Brigid Sweetman acknowledged in writing that she received death threats because people believed she was responsible for Cat’s death. This latest attempt to create a diversion by the attorney from his meritless claims just shows how low he will stoop.”

In addition to Sweetman’s claim that Jim Carrey gave Cathriona White multiple STDs, she is also pointing fingers at Carrey for supplying the painkillers that Cathriona used to commit suicide. After her death, Cathriona White was found to be in possession of multiple pill bottles that had been prescribed to an alias used by Jim Carrey. Both Brigid Sweetman and Cathriona’s ex-husband Mark Burton accused Carrey of giving the medication to Cathriona prior to her suicide. Carrey claims the pain medication was taken by Cathriona, not given by Carrey after the couple broke up and she moved out.

In addition to denying all claims, Jim Carrey’s lawyers are working to put the lawsuit on hold. They want Cathriona White’s mother to post a bond payment in the amount of $372,700 according to Yahoo. This bond would be used to pay Carrey’s lawyers in the event that she lost the lawsuit. It has been suggested that Carrey and his lawyers are trying to use the bond payment request as a way to shut down the lawsuit entirely.

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