Usher Turns 34, Plans To Party All Week In London

Usher just turned 34, and he’s going to spend the next week celebrating his birthday.

The Canadian Press reports that the Climax singer, who is currently in London promoting the new game Dance Central 3 for Xbox, has been hitting the clubs with British singers like Leona Lewis, Tinie Tempah, and Dizzee Rascal and JLS star Ortise Williams.

Usher told the Associated Press that he’s going to party like he’s 21 despite the fact that he just turned 34.

Usher said:

“In some respect, I never really get old … you know those kids that make an entire month their birthday? That’s me … it’s really going to be a party celebration week as opposed to weekend.”

When Usher gets done with his 34th birthday party, which should be sometime in November, he’ll start work at his new gig on The Voice.

Usher said that he was really excited for the new role and can’t wait to start mentoring young singers.

Usher said:

“I haven’t really had the chance to show people what I do behind the scenes in regards to mentoring, so this will kind of give you a different perspective about me.”

In addition to The Voice and the video game, Usher also has a new album coming out. The video for his first single, “Numb,” features Usher dancing in a glass box, which the singer says is a metaphor for his public life.

Usher said:

“You know, I live my life in a glass box and every move, everything that I do is kind of speculated or either spoken about in some way and I never really can speak about it myself. This kind of gave me the opportunity to open up and just be vulnerable.”

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