Aurora Massacre Victims To Split $5 Million In Public Donations

About $5 million in public donations will be handed over to victims of the Aurora shooting massacre. The money will be split among the families of the 12 men and women who were killed during the shooting and several people who will suffer for the rest of their lives because of permanent injuries sustained during the attack.

A mediator has been tasked with the job of splitting the money among the Aurora shooting massacre. Seventy percent of the funds will be handed over to the victims mentioned above with each family receiving approximately $200,000.

The rest of the money from donations will be handed out to people who are suffering from the most severe injuries.

Fifty-eight people were injured during the July 20 attack that took place in Aurora, Colorado.

Money from the public donations will not be disbursed to any Aurora injury victims who did not require overnight hospitalization. The mediator involved with the case says funds have been restricted because of the amount available.

Shooting victims who were not physically injured but are claiming mental distress are also not included in the disbursement of funds.

While recuperating, money that will help pay for grief counseling and medical bills is a move in the right direction, most victims simply want to see James Holmes found guilty of his crimes.

Holmes is currently being held in custody as he faces 12 counts of murder and more dozens of attempted murder and assault charges.

When the $5 million will be disbursed to victims has not yet been disclosed by the mediator.

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