Brad Pitt Faces New Allegations Of Violence

Brad Pitt is facing new allegations of violent behavior amid the ongoing investigation to determine whether he has been subjecting his children to abuse.

Pitt has been accused of being verbally abusive to his wife, Angelina Jolie, as well as his children on various occasions. There have been reports that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family services has opened an investigation to determine whether the abuse claims are true. The new investigations will, therefore, look into whether there is a history of violent behavior and abuse in Angelina and Pitt’s household.

“DCFS is interviewing many people to determine if they are witnesses to any improper behavior by Brad as well as searching for others who have knowledge of his actions,” revealed an unnamed source.

Sources revealed that the investigation against Brad Pitt was launched after reports that Pitt confronted his eldest son in a physical and abusive manner while they were on a private plane in September. The investigators are trying to establish whether there have been numerous similar incidents involving Angelina or any of the children.

“They are looking at not only the original incident but other possible incidents surrounding it and more history,” stated another source during an interview with the US Weekly.

The DCFS is expected to extend its previous investigation on child abuse following the new allegations of violence. The investigation will, therefore, focus on the history of the family to identify other incidents that may have happened in the past. This means that the whole family will have to go through a whole new interview session which will be conducted by the DCFS.

One of the recent allegations against Brad Pitt brought forward on Tuesday claims that Brad and Angelina have gotten into numerous heated confrontations in front of their children. However, details about their arguments were not revealed. As for the extended investigation, one of the sources revealed that the DCFS does not have a deadline. It was previously thought that October 20 was the deadline for the two parties to come to an agreement but that turned out to be a wrong assumption.

The news that Brad and Angelina had filed for a divorce hit the world by storm, mainly because the two were established as one of Hollywood’s most amazing power couples. After the divorce, the two agreed to a voluntary parenting plan which includes visitation and counseling. The findings of the investigation may have a drastic effect on the family. If found guilty of abuse and violence against his family, Brad could lose some of his privileges such as time spent with the children as well as the custody agreement. There is also a significant chance that this might affect his acting career.

It is not clear how long the investigations will take, but the probe is not expected to last too long. Since the DCFS does not have a deadline, there is no sure way of knowing when the findings will be revealed. The former couple is expected to continue attending their individual counseling sessions as well as counseling sessions together with their children.

Angelina filed for divorce from Brad in a Los Angeles court on September 19. She, however, stated that they separated on September 15, just one day after the altercation between Pitt and his son on the private plane. The investigations by the DCFS were launched following an anonymous tip. Pitt has since met some of his children on two separate occasions. There was a therapist present during the first meeting. It is important to note that the new allegations against Brad Pitt are yet to be proven true.