WWE Officially Announces Brock Lesnar Vs. Goldberg For ‘Survivor Series’

Even though everyone has known for several weeks that Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg would take place at Survivor Series on November 20, WWE decided to “officially” announce the date of the match on Tuesday, in what they described as a “breaking news” update. You can read the full story here, and below, you can check out an excerpt from the official WWE website update.

“After 12 years, Goldberg will return to a WWE ring for an apocalyptic showdown with Brock Lesnar, turning the WWE Universe’s ‘fantasy warfare’ into hard-hitting reality. The battlefield of choice? Survivor Series, live Sunday, Nov. 20, on WWE Network.”

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter first reported that Goldberg was going to come back for one match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series, but they also reported that WWE would hold off on the announcement until after the Hell in a Cell show on October 30, because they felt that announcing the main event for the following pay-per-view would undercut this coming Sunday’s show. But they obviously changed their mind.

Goldberg returned to WWE last week, and it turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, segments of the entire year. It was his first WWE appearance since the spring of 2004, and the fans reacted to him much differently than they did 12 years ago, when he was booed out of Madison Square Garden.

There is some concern that Goldberg will be heavily booed at the Survivor Series show because it’s taking place in Canada, and the Canadian pro wrestling fans aren’t big Goldberg supporters. Why? Well, the biggest reason is he essentially ended Bret Hart’s pro wrestling career by giving him a concussion back in 2000. Of course, it was a complete accident, but the Canadian fans still hate him for it.

Another reason why Goldberg may get booed is because Brock Lesnar has adopted Canada as his new home country, as he currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. In fact, Lesnar even represented his new home country over the summer at UFC 200. Before then, he was always billed from Webster, South Dakota, which is where he was born.

On this past Monday’s Raw, WWE tried desperately to get the fans in Minneapolis, Minnesota — which is where Lesnar attended college — to boo “The Beast.” But they didn’t, and Vince McMahon reportedly “blew a gasket” backstage because the live crowd wouldn’t boo Lesnar, and he decided to cut the Lesnar and Paul Heyman segment short. It actually ended up being the worst and most awkward Heyman and Lesnar segment since they both returned four years ago.

WWE announced on Monday that Goldberg will appear on next week’s Halloween edition of Raw, and while he’s not currently advertised to appear on the show, it’s likely that they’ll have Paul Heyman show up and do an in-ring segment with the former WCW megastar.

The Halloween show will be one of two more appearances for Goldberg before he heads to Survivor Series, with his second — and final — appearance being on November 14 in Buffalo, New York. Brock Lesnar is also scheduled to appear that night, as it’s the final Raw show before the pay-per-view.

The KeyBank Center — which will host the November 14 Rawis advertising the show as Goldberg’s official in-ring return. Basically, they’re suggesting that he’s going to wrestle on the show, and while he probably won’t end up having a match on the show, it would make sense for WWE to give him a tune-up match against someone like Bo Dallas, just so they can give him a win before he heads into Survivor Series, where he’ll likely be doing the favors for Brock Lesnar.

[Featured Image by WWE]