The Latest On Kathryn Dennis And 'Southern Charm' [Exclusive]

Mark Twain once said, "rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated," and for Kathryn Dennis of Southern Charm, rumors of her exit have also been greatly exaggerated, because she is back on set, and will be part of Season 4. Now Kathryn wants to address some of the rumors and get back to work with new priorities in mind.

After talks broke down a few weeks ago between the network and Kathryn Dennis, rumors swirled that Bravo was shopping around for replacements to fill the gap left by Dennis, says the Inquisitr. At the time Kathryn joked that she was irreplaceable, and that must be true, because talks resumed with production, and she is back on set, shooting with various cast mates. And so long are the Moncks Corner jokes, as Kathryn has found a place to call her own in Charleston. For those who have counted her out, she's back, and fans will be able to see a new Thomas Ravenel-free Kathryn Dennis.

Something else that has been exaggerated is the deep freeze given to Kathryn upon her return to the Southern Charm set, according to TamaraTattles. It was written that Kathryn Dennis and Bravo had reached an agreement, and a contract was signed, which is true. They also said that only Naomie and new girl Eliza Limehouse would shoot with Kathryn and that everyone else had banded together to boycott Kathryn's return.
"The same source say that everyone is refusing to film with her except for Naomie and Eliza."
Last seasons certain cast mates were sitting high on their horses, shunning Dennis.
"They have all taken some sort of moral stand against Kathryn and have determined that the Christian thing to do is to shun her."


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Kathryn Dennis insists that this just isn't true, as she has already shot with others of both sexes since she returned to the Southern Charm set.

"So far, I have shot with Eliza and Naomie, but I have also shot with Craig, Shep, Danni and Jennifer."
But the big question is, will Kathryn be shooting with Whitney, the executive producer of Southern Charm, who is reportedly doing more work behind the scenes this season on Southern Charm then? Kathryn is not spilling the beans just yet.
"Just wait and see."
But it wouldn't be Southern Charm and Kathryn Dennis if there wasn't some drama, and an unnamed source has been sharing stories about Dennis post-Malibu rehab that suggest that she has returned to bad habits, according to TamaraTattles.
"Unfortunately, my sources then reported she quickly disappeared, hung out with questionable people, and allegedly, wound up in a bad place again. Bravo was not willing to sign her unless she could demonstrate that she was clean and sober."
Of course, sources can be mistaken, and on the sobriety front, Kathryn Dennis is calling foul, and like some others, she can prove it, saying that she came back from California with a new perspective, and reinforced priorities. Kathryn says that she is aiming for transparency, as you are just as sick as your secrets.
"Per our current custody agreement, I can be surprise tested at any time. Kensie and Saint are my world, and I am not going to jeopardize my time with them."
TamaraTattles says that her source tells her that even though Kathryn said she wanted to show her fans "the new Kathryn," there is no new Kathryn. But again, that is being refuted.

"I am also working with a therapist who specializes in addiction, and I go twice a week," she says. "Before each appointment, I am tested. I returned from California clean, and have not had a failed test."

It is thought that fans made all the difference when it came to bringing Kathryn back to Southern Charm, as they took to social media to proclaim that they wouldn't be watching the show if Kathryn wasn't on. Bravo even did a poll which suggested that the majority of fans wanted to see Kathryn on the show.

Are you eager to see the new Kathryn on Southern Charm? Would you have watched without her?

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