Courtney Robertson Returns Engagement Ring

Courtney Robertson won’t be needing her engagement ring anymore.

Robertson, who won a proposal from Ben Flajnik during the season finale of The Bachelor last Fall, returned her engagement ring over the weekend.

According to US Weekly, Robertson brought the 3-carat, $80,000 engagement ring back to the Neil Lane jewelry boutique in Los Angeles.

The magazine reports that Robertson didn’t return the ring to Flajnik because ABC actually paid for the ring. Also, this wasn’t an act of guilt. Robertson was contractually obligated to return the ring if the wedding was called off.

Robertson told In Touch that she may have tried to keep the ring if she had been with Flajnik for longer than a year.

Robertson said:

“Sometimes they make exceptions. We’ve been together for 10 months. You have to be together for two years to keep the ring.”

Courtney Robertson may have just returned her engagement ring this weekend, but the reality star is already on the rebound from her relationship with Flajnik. Robertson was spotted making out with Arie Luyendyk Jr., a Bachelorette castoff, last week.

But don’t feel bad for Flajnik. The Bachelor said that the breakup was completely mutual and he was ready to get back into the dating game.

Flajnik said:

“We weren’t as similar as we thought. Things just changed … it was a totally mutual agreement.”

Would you return your engagement ring if things didn’t work out. You know, if you weren’t contractually obligated to do so?