Shirlene Quigley Found Alive: Beyonce And Rihanna’s Backup Dancer Safe — But In The Hospital — What Happened?

When Shirlene Quigley — a very popular dance teacher who had danced backup for the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna — went missing, Shirlene’s friends and family swung into action, as reported by the Inquisitr. They used social media to capture the attention of the plight of the 32-year-old Quigley and flooded her Instagram pages with prayers.

Shirlene Quigley Missing: Facebook, Instagram Photos Of Beyoncé And Rihanna's Dancer
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Rihanna posted the following video of Shirlene, which received more than 1 million views.

Those prayers apparently worked, because the Broadway dancer has been found, reports TMZ.

According to KHOU, Quigley was found safe — as reported by police in New Jersey.

It was the New York Police Department that helped the North Bergen Police locate Shirlene, according to the authorities’ below post on Twitter.

However, that tweet did not disclose which hospital Quigley was being treated at — nor what circumstance placed Shirlene in a medical facility to begin with. The statement from police did note that Shirlene’s father was traveling to see Quigley, who is currently at an unnamed hospital.

“She is safe and at a medical facility which location is undisclosed at this time. North Bergen Police Detectives have contacted her father and he is in route from Los Angeles to reunite with his daughter. We are very pleased with this outcome. We want to thank the New York City Police Department for their tremendous amount of cooperation in this matter.”

Quigley was thought to be in trouble since she had not spoken to her dad during their daily 6 p.m. call on Sunday or Monday.

When Shirlene was seen leaving her North Bergen home, around 3 p.m. on Saturday, Quigley seemed as if something was wrong — according to the landlord.

Quigley’s dad said that Shirlene had seemed “euphoric” as of late, which could be a symptom of a nervous breakdown. Euphoria can be attributed to nervous feelings, depression, anxiety, as well as mania. Euphoria can include extreme mood swings, as well as paranoid feelings, confusion and feelings of being disoriented.

Whether or not any of these symptoms were connected with the euphoria state that Shirlene’s dad described about Quigley remains to be seen.

No matter what, an outpouring of love and worry from fans, friends, and loved ones brought attention to the fact that Shirlene was missing after her smartphone was located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood in a bridal store.

Shirlene’s car was located near a Hertz car rental agency.

Though Quigley’s Facebook page appears to have been deleted, Quigley’s most recent post spoke about shadows, rain, and dark times — but also of her faith in God.

Quigley’s friends and family are no doubt breathing a big sigh of relief that Shirlene was found alive — but are likely curious as to what exactly happened.

Rihanna backup dancer Shirlene Quigley missing

Beyond Rihanna, celebrities like Missy Elliot put the word out about Shirlene, hoping for her safe return.

On the TMZ Facebook page, news that Shirlene has finally been found has brought a plethora of comments from folks guessing and wondering as to what may have caused Quigley’s disappearance in the first place. Shirlene had left a cryptic message to her friends about something big happening, along with the fact that Quigley might need substitute teachers in her place for a period of time.

Some of the comments coming into social media about Shirlene’s return can be found below.

“Probably overwhelmed had a nervous break down too much stress and maybe dealing with some depression that was never taken care of. God is good.”

“I knew she would be OK. She probably fled with some guy and he ended up breaking her heart.”

“Sorry for whatever happened to her, but I’m happy she’s alive.”

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