Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Will Likely Not Be A Part Of Microsoft’s Upcoming Event

On Wednesday, Microsoft will announce some new products and update to some current ones at an event in New York City. CNET has the news.

“Microsoft will be holding a special late-fall event in New York on Wednesday, October 26. The event is expected to be Windows-oriented with a focus on hardware — such as the rumored Surface all-in-one device — though mobile devices and hardware accessories (such as a new Microsoft Band) will probably not make an appearance.”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Microsoft is not expected to announce a new Surface Pro at Wednesday’s event. [Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

Unfortunately, those hoping that Microsoft will announce a new Surface Pro 5 will be out of luck. Many consumers were hoping that Microsoft would release its upcoming Surface Pro 5 by the end of the year. There were some rumors that the Pro 5 would be announced at the Microsoft event, but now that is looking less likely. iDigitalTimes recently listed reasons why a Surface Pro 5 release date isn’t near, including the fact that Microsoft still isn’t talking about it.

“It’s now October, and Microsoft hasn’t said as much as a peep about any sort of event or showcase in the near future. For reference’s sake, the Surface Pro 4 reveal was teased in mid-September last year.”

The article added that we’ve reached a point where it may be difficult to release a new product that doesn’t even have a new SKU. The article also discussed the lack of rumors and leaks.

“Equally as telling as the lack of official details is the total dearth of unofficial ones. While the leak cycle for Surface is hardly as pervasive as Apple products, there were still fairly concrete statements about the Surface Pro 4 as early as August of last year,” claimed columnist Christopher Groux, adding that there is a single patent for a possible magnetic pen.

Most seem to agree that we will see a new Surface Pro 5 in the spring of 2016. Right now, however, there is a lot of excitement for Microsoft’s all-in-one Surface desktop package, which is expected to be announced at the event. The Verge describes Microsoft’s new device.

“The big news from Microsoft’s event will be a new Surface device. While Microsoft has typically launched tablets and laptops under the Surface brand, its new all-in-one device will be an attempt to re-imagine the desktop computer. Microsoft is expected to unveil an iMac competitor, but with a few twists.”

The article adds that the all-in-one Surface is expected to include a very large display (27 inches or 24 inches) that will use a hinge to lay flatly on a desk. Having a huge tablet device with stylus support could be groundbreaking, or it could possibly be an unnecessary mess. However, some of the commenters after the article are quite excited.

“Mac competitor that can lay flat and you can use as a tablet to do cad and what not… pretty impressive. Of course Apple will copy it in a couple years and call it magic (iPad pro yo),” jokes “Scrapplejoe.”

“I’m an illustrator and the Surface AIO rumors make it seem like a dream come true for me!” exclaims “TheJavierMan.”

There is a lot of excitement for the new Surface desktop on Twitter.

There are also some rumors floating around that Microsoft could announce the Surface Book 2 at the event. Last year’s Surface Book impressed people until they bought it, used it, and found out it was full of bugs. Microsoft fixed most of those bugs last spring, but there have still been a lot of complaints. Perhaps Microsoft will right all the wrongs with the Surface Book 2. We’ll find out more at Microsoft’s NYC event on Thursday.

[Featured Image by Ted S. Warren/AP Images]