Rhode Island Man Beat Newborn Infant To Death

A Rhode Island man has been convicted of killing his own newborn daughter to death, closing a chapter in a case that has spanned four years. NECN News reports that 30-year-old Christopher Jimenez has been convicted of second-degree murder, but will the sentence bring justice to the death of the tiny infant? Only time will tell in this tragic case.

The horrifying incident reportedly took place in 2012. Police say that Jimenez violently beat his 5-week-old daughter to the point that she had to be hospitalized. The newborn infant clung to life for approximately 17 days before she ultimately succumbed to her injuries. The child suffered from various injuries, which included approximately four skull fractures and more than two dozen other broken bones. Her fingers and toes were broken. Her legs were broken. Most of her ribs were broken. This was a horrific incident of child abuse, which led to the 5-week-old baby’s death.

The Rhode Island man wasn’t initially charged with murder — not until little Christina was pronounced dead. Back in 2012, ABC News reported that Jimenez was initially charged with child abuse. After the young baby was taken off life support, the Rhode Island dad was charged with murder. Around the time of the incident, the man admitted to squeezing his infant so hard that many of her ribs fractured. He also admitted to dropping and sitting on the little newborn baby. By 2013, the infant’s mother was convicted of child neglect in association with this horrifying incident.

This isn’t the first case of child abuse to end in the murder of a defenseless baby. It’s also not the first time the perpetrator has been convicted in association with these horrifying incidents of child abuse related murder. Earlier this year, a Utah mom was convicted in association with the death of her own son. Jasmine Ruth Bridgeman will serve the next 15 years of her life in prison after she took part in the abuse of the lad, which was all served as punishment for potty-training accidents.

Last year, an Albuquerque man was convicted in association with the death of his young child. The Albuquerque Journal reports that the infant was only 28-days-old at the time of her tragic death. Prosecutors say that the infant died of blunt force trauma to the head. She had also been sexually assaulted by her own dad around the time of the violent beating.

Unfortunately, child abuse is most often committed by the guardian(s) of the victims. According to the National Children’s Alliance, approximately 80 percent of child fatalities that are the result of child abuse, are committed by a parent or guardian.

As for this latest case out of Rhode Island, it’s being reported that Christopher Jimenez could spend the rest of his life behind bars. However, reports aren’t indicating when his sentencing will be scheduled — or what sentences the judge may consider. In the meantime, at least one chapter in this tragic case has been closed.

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