Keith Ablow: Joe Biden Showed Signs Of Dementia At VP Debate [Video]

Fox News contributor Keith Ablow says Joe Biden displayed signs of dementia during last Thursday’s vice presidential debate, the Huffington Post reports. Either that or he was drunk.

Ablow said Sunday:

“I did not evaluate Joe Biden, but if someone said to me, we want you to do what’s really required to know what happened there, you have to put dementia on the differential diagnosis.”

Ablow later went on to say, “I’m speaking as a psychiatrist today, you didn’t call me in as a political strategist. So, you’d want his alcohol level. Why? Because he was that bizarre.”

Biden has come under fire because of his debate performance. Critics say his interruptive laughter, which apparently happened 82 times during the 90-minute debate, cost him the debate, while Mitt Romney featured it in a recent campaign ad.

Ablow isn’t the only one to chalk Biden’s “bizarre” behavior up to drunkenness. Former Arkansas governor and presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee said Biden came across like “an obnoxious drunk who’s loud and boisterous and interrupts every conversation.” Similarly, Sean Hannity wondered if the vice president drank bourbon before the debate during a special edition of his show.

Hannity: I noticed that you guys were giving away bourbon to people over here.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): It’s the home of bourbon.

Hannity: I wonder if Joe had some before the debate.


Other Fox News hosts kept up the theme on Twitter. Red Eye host Greg Gutfield said, “Biden is the drunk at the bar, Martha is the unhappy bartender, and Ryan is the unfortunate salesman caught in the middle.”

Vice president Biden has been very open about his family’s history of alcoholism in the past and has stated that he does not drink at all because of it.

What do you think of Keith Ablow’s comments about Joe Biden?