‘Teen Mom’: Farrah Abraham’s Dad Says Maci Bookout Threatened To Kill His Daughter

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is feuding with pretty much every one of her co-stars. After a dramatic weekend in which Farrah got into a physical fight with Amber Portwood, and had the entire cast walk off stage because of her behavior, news is coming out that Maci Bookout may have threatened to kill Abraham.

According to Radar Online, the tension is at an all-time high with the Teen Mom OG cast, and Farrah Abraham is right in the middle of it all. It all started over the weekend when Farrah and her co-stars, Maci Bookout, Amber Portwood, and Catelynn Lowell got together to film the reunion special. Things did not go well, and the gang parted with even more bad blood than ever before.

According to reports, Farrah Abraham delayed filming which caused Maci Bookout and the rest of the Teen Mom OG cast to speak out about her inconsiderate behavior. Maci led the charge as she told the reunion host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, that Farrah’s behavior was unfair to the rest of the cast. Bookout, Lowell, and Portwood then left the stage in protest of Abraham.

Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham and Maci Bookout have bad blood.
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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when the reunion show did film, Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham shocking engaged in a physical fight on stage in front of fans. It all started when Farrah and her boyfriend, Simon Saran, were speaking about comments Simon made against Amber’s boyfriend, Matt Baier. The Real Mr. Housewife reports that just as Simon was seemingly about to apologize for the comments, Farrah chimed in that she believe Matt looked like a pedophile. This didn’t sit well with Portwood, who stormed the stage and engaged in a physical altercation with Abraham. Amber’s boyfriend Matt and Farrah’s dad Michael also got into a scrape in what has to be the most shocking Teen Mom reunion of all time.

As if that wasn’t enough drama, Farrah Abraham then allegedly refused to film the Ask The Moms special, saying she feared for her safety due to Maci Bookout threatening to kill her. Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, says he heard the words come out of Maci’s mouth, and that he was very disappointed by them.

“I heard Maci tried to come out and she threatened to kill my daughter. That is wrong. Last reunion, I went to her fiancé and said I was happy for their first child. I was looking forward to congratulating her on her marriage.”

Teen Mom OG: Farrah Abraham has serious drama with her co-stars.
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Michael also weighed in on getting in the middle of Farrah’s fight with Amber. The Teen Mom OG grandpa says he was only protecting his daughter like any other father would do.

“Like any good father, from my point of view, I saw her hand touch my daughter’s face. When I saw Amber touch my daughter, that’s when I got between the two of them.”

Farrah Abraham, who has long been one of the most controversial members of the Teen Mom franchise, has never seemingly gotten along well with her co-stars. However, the weekend drama seems to have taken a toll. Farrah is now allegedly threatening to pull her daughter Sophia off the show, and fans are wondering if she’ll be next. While Farrah has threatened to quit the reality series in the past, she’s always come back. Although, fans have not always wanted her to. Recently an online petition to have Abraham fired from the show popped up online and gained thousands of signatures.

What are your thoughts on the recent Teen Mom OG drama with Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, and Amber Portwood? Should Farrah leave the show?

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