Westside High School Cheerleader Killed After Being Ejected In Washington County Car Crash

A 17-year-old cheerleader, Shi’Kemmia Glover, at Westside High School in Macon, Georgia was killed Saturday after being ejected in a one-vehicle crash in Washington County, according to 13WMAZ.

At around 11:43 p.m., the Georgia State Patrol stated that Glover was traveling west in a construction zone on Highway 24 when she ran off the road and tried to correct the steering, which caused her to lose control of the vehicle, striking an embankment.

The impact caused the vehicle to overturn several times, ejecting Glover — who was not wearing a seatbelt — into a nearby pond before the vehicle went airborne, landing in a tree.

Nyla Belcher, who was the passenger in the vehicle, became “trapped until she was able to free herself and flagged down a passing driver” and call 911.

When emergency responders arrived at the car crash scene, Glover was pronounced dead, and Belcher was transported to Medical Center, Navicent Health by helicopter for non-life threatening injuries.

The victim’s father, Jonathan Glover, who is the Macon-Bibb Fire Corporal, remembers receiving the phone that every parent dreads. He said: “Numbness, a lot of numbness, disbelief. You hope that it isn’t your kid, you don’t want this to happen to anybody else’s kid.”

“She was just a very happy person, she loved to have fun, and she was just a very outgoing girl. She kept us happy all the time.”

He went on to say that Glover is his only daughter and she has three brothers, who she was very close to. “We have a son with autism, so she was very good with him and she helped out a whole lot,” the father added.

“She brought him along to pretty much where he is today, got him speaking some words and some things that we couldn’t get him to do and she was able to get him to do it.”

The Westside High School student’s death rocked the Macon community, where hundreds have stated that the incident hit close to home.

In a Facebook post, N. Fashion wrote: “I am so saddened to hear this. Someone tagged me in this post because this weekend my 17-year-old daughter totaled her car as she was headed to visit her brother at Valdosta State. She said she heard a pop and the car jerked and she over-corrected and went into the wooded area along the road.”

“Thank God she had on her seatbelt and the car was finally brought to a halt by a tree stump. I was two hours away from her and not satisfied until I saw my baby. She escaped with only a busted nose and lip, and bruises from the airbags. Please, kids, wear your seat belts, pay attention, go the speed limit and just be careful.”

Another Facebook user, Jennifer A. Hunt, wrote “My prayers are with you all. I lost my little cousin years ago – her name was Miracle, she was five months and her birthday was the same date as my third son. They were both born on the same date. Her mother didn’t have her strap in and her brother, as well. Miracle was found on a bob-wired fence, dead with guts hanging out. Her brother Survive, but he is permanently disabled.”

“That was my awakening moment about seat belts. When my children or anyone gets in my car, that’s the first thing I say to put it on. My heart goes out to this family. She meant so much to them. The only girl. I know that’s super hard.”

After the fatal Highway 24 crash, Glover’s father is warning other teens to “keep your seatbelt on, stay safe, and obey the laws. Traffic laws. Just be safe.”

Bentley and Sons Funeral Home in Macon will be in charge of making funeral arrangements for the Westside High School student.

[Featured Image By Shi’Kemmia Glover/Facebook]