Ariana Grande Slammed For Expensive ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’ Meet & Greet Tickets

Ariana Grande is feeling the heat from her fans over the price of meet-and-greet tickets for her upcoming 2017 “Dangerous Woman Tour.”

After tickets for Ariana’s upcoming string of “Dangerous Woman Tour” tickets went on sale in Europe on October 25, a number of fans were quick to slam the singer on social media for charging hundreds for a meet-and-greet package to meet her on her upcoming tour.

“You are my idol and I want to meet you but €529 [is] really too much,” Ariana fan @good4yougomez tweeted Grande of her meet and greet package pricing. “I would spend like €800 between the [meet & greet]/train/hotel.”

“Ariana’s [meet and greet] tickets are so expensive I really want to meet her and hug her and tell her how much she means to me,” @excusegrande added, while Ariana fan @agbpeaches wrote of Grande’s expensive meet and greet prices, “I’m so pissed that there’s only 1 meet and greet package and it’s the most expensive. Ariana’s management need to step up [their] game.”

According to Ticketmaster U.K., Grande is offering British fans meet-and-greet packages for her upcoming “Dangerous Woman Tour” dates in the U.K. in May 2017 for £481.75 plus booking and handling fees, putting Grande’s meet-and-greet charges at more than $585 for a single package.

Fans were also quick to claim that Grande’s standard non-meet-and-greet tickets were equally expensive, as Ticketmaster U.K. cites ticket prices as ranging between £41.10 and £62.55 ($33.78 and $51.41) for single tickets to Grande’s upcoming “Dangerous Woman Tour” shows in the U.K.

“Ariana Grande tickets are so expensive this time wtf,” @glorydaysellie tweeted out of Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” prices, while @lostboyjaden wrote on the 140-character site of the cost of Ariana’s tour tickets, “Why is Ariana so expensive, hello I’m poor.”

Grande has yet to comment on the backlash she’s receiving from some fans over the pricing of her “Dangerous Woman Tour” tickets and meet-and-greet packages, though Ariana did retweet a post from tour promoter Bkstg announcing that tickets would be made available to the public on October 25.

“Tomorrow Europe,” Ariana told her more than 42 million Twitter followers alongside the retweeted post on October 24.

However, she did not comment on the tour’s pricing or her fans’ reaction to the tour’s pretty expensive ticket price range.

Grande is staying tight-lipped as her fans take to social media to call out the singer for her expensive ticket prices for her upcoming 2017 world tour. Ariana also faced similar backlash from her North American fans last month after Grande unveiled a similarly expensive meet-and-greet package for the U.S. and Canadian leg of her “Dangerous Woman Tour.”

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According to the Q Arena, U.S. fans hoping to meet Ariana on her upcoming “Dangerous Woman Tour” were given the option of paying $699 to meet Grande on what the site described as being the “Dangerous Woman Ultimate Bkstg VIP Meet & Greet Experience.”

A number of the “Side To Side” singer’s loyal fans were also quick to slam Ariana for the expensive pricing of her U.S. meet-and-greet opportunities last month, claiming that Grande was charging concertgoers too much to meet her on the “Dangerous Woman Tour,” which currently has more than 50 shows scheduled around the U.S. and Europe in 2017.

“I’m still so petty that Ariana’s [meet and greet] first was $321 & now it’s $700,” Ariana fan @costanzagvnn wrote on Twitter of Grande’s U.S. meet-and-greet ticket pricing at the time. “Like b*** get your s*** together, ain’t gonna pay that to meet a person.”

Do you think Ariana Grande is charging fans too much for tickets and meet-and-greet opportunities on her 2017 “Dangerous Woman Tour”?

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