‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Finale Spoilers: Tom Divorces Lillian On Decision Day? [Watch]

The Married at First Sight Season 4 finale episode, titled “Till Death Do us Part,” airs tonight on FYI. In the promo for Episode 14, Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez seemed equally nervous to find out about their spouse’s final decision. While Tom and Lillian were clearly attracted to each other physically, both admitted that attraction and intimacy might not be enough to save their marriage.

After six weeks of being together, Lillian admitted that there is still a lot she needs to know about Tom. The luxury realtor explained that perhaps one of the biggest things that worry her is their different lifestyles. While Lillian is the type of person who saves up for the future, Tom is more of a live-in-the-moment type of guy. Although she appreciates how Tom encourages her to live life and get out of her comfort zone, she wonders if their difference could eventually be the reason for the divorce.

“My biggest concern now in our marriage is that I want to make a lot of money. I want in the future not to worry about money and have my money work for me. Tom doesn’t really want to concern himself with money or stress out about it. But at the same time if you really want to accomplish your goals, you have to work harder to get to them and make them become a reality,” Lillian explained.

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In the past Married at First Sight Season 4 episodes, Tom expressed concern about how Lillian has put their relationship in the backseat. He pointed out that Lillian is not giving 100 percent to the social experiment. Even though they were quite compatible, Tom still wanted to see Lillian try harder.

“Lilly and I have a lot in common but she is all about money and the future. I want to make sure that she is also focused on us and on our marriage,” Tom told the cameras.

According to Us Weekly, Tom and Lillian were still conflicted in the morning ahead of Decision Day. Lillian shared that she has no clue what Tom’s decision would be. Even though they promised to stay together through thick and thin, Lillian is still worried that Tom will end up asking for a divorce.

Tom, on the other hand, hinted that he might have had a change of heart. Days leading to the finale, Tom started pulling away from Lillian, saying that she is not the same person he was hoping for.

“I know I don’t want to break Lily’s heart, and I don’t want to set such a high expectation either. Things could go either way,” Tom said.

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In past episodes of Married at First Sight Season 4, Tom shared that even though he wanted to stay married to Lillian, he is starting to worry he would lose his identity in the process. While working on their vision board, Tom and Lillian talked about their plans for the future, which made them realize how completely different they are from each other. Although Tom made the decision to leave his bus and start a new life with Lillian, she wonders if he would eventually wake up one day and change his mind all over again.

“I’m a bit worried to see what Tom’s future looks like in comparison to my future because I feel like we might just want really different things. He is making a huge lifestyle change moving from a bus to an actual home. I fear it’s going to be hard for him and I worry about one day he’ll say, ‘I’m bored of this life. Let me go back to bus life.'”

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Married at First Sight Season 4 airs Tuesdays on FYI.

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