Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani: Blake Sat On ‘A Guy With A Girl’ While He Was Married To Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton was in possession of “A Guy with a Girl” long before he began dating Gwen Stefani, but the song didn’t speak to him while he was still married to Miranda Lambert.

During an interview published in Billboard‘s Country Update newsletter, Blake Shelton talked about how “A Guy with a Girl” came to be. The latest single from his new album, If I’m Honest, is about a guy who feels “invisible” whenever he goes out with his girl because everyone around them just wants to talk to her. However, he’s not bitter about this — he admires her just as much as everyone else does.

“I’m just the guy with the girl everybody wants to know / Wishin’ you were there alone / Wonderin’ how I ever got your little hand in mine / Lookin’ over at ya like ‘ain’t she beautiful?'” Blake croons in the sweet love song.

Many of Blake Shelton’s fans likely assume that the country singer wrote “A Guy with a Girl” about his relationship with the glamorous Gwen Stefani, but Shelton has actually been sitting on the song for quite some time. Songwriters Ashley Gorley and Bryan Simpson penned the tune almost two years ago, and it was inspired by Simpson’s own experiences going out with his much-admired wife. The songwriters passed “A Guy with a Girl” along to Shelton when he was still married to Miranda Lambert, but he didn’t jump at the chance to record it right away. According to the singer, he felt that it was too similar to “Honey Bee.”

However, Blake Shelton found himself reconsidering the song after his divorce from Miranda Lambert. He began dating Gwen Stefani a few months before he finished recording If I’m Honest, and he realized that the new love of his life was a real-life version of the hypnotizing beauty with “heartbreak eyes” described in “A Guy with a Girl.”

“We were trying to wrap up the album at the beginning of the year, and all of a sudden, this song is a true story for me,” Blake said.

The singer previously told Country Countdown USA that the public’s reaction to his relationship with Gwen Stefani also played a part in his decision to record the song. According to Blake, he kept reading stories about how shocked everyone was that he was dating the stylish No Doubt frontwoman. He also noticed that Gwen was turning heads wherever they went. During his interview with Billboard‘s Country Update, Blake elaborated on how “A Guy with a Girl” relates to his life.

“Everywhere we go, whether it’s my hometown in Tishomingo [Okla.] or some fancy party in Hollywood, when she comes around, it’s like people just stop. And I don’t blame ’em.”

As Us Weekly reports, Stefani accompanied Shelton to an ACM Awards afterparty back in April, and this is one of the “fancy” events where the country boy got outshone by the blonde bombshell. Blake told Country Countdown USA that he would “exhaust all conversation” with fellow attendees before realizing that they were only talking to him because they wanted to be introduced to his gorgeous date. Singer Brett Eldredge was one of the partygoers that Gwen left an impression on.

Last nights party was amazing... @blakeshelton had to bring a hot date and show us all up...

A photo posted by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on

The most recent event Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani attended together was Barack Obama’s final state dinner at the White House, and Blake certainly didn’t feel invisible there — Gwen was invited to sing at the event, but she decided to share the spotlight with her boyfriend by asking him to join her for a performance of the duet that they wrote together, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” Blake said that it’s “pretty neat” to be dating someone who is “cool enough to get invited to those things.”

Gwen isn’t just improving Blake’s social life — she’s also improving his voice. According to producer Scott Hendricks, Gwen sat in on many of Blake’s recording sessions for the songs on If I’m Honest, and her presence actually boosted Blake’s performance.

“When Gwen’s sitting there beside me, he tends to want to sing better,” Hendricks said. “So we may just have to [always] have her sit there when he’s singing.”

Fans of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship certainly hope that Gwen will be in the studio with Blake whenever he records his next album.

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