Eliette Dominique: Haitian Doctor’s Brother Hired Gunmen To Kill Dead Bigamist’s Wife In Long Island Shooting—On ID’s ‘Married With Secrets’

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Oct. 25 2016, Updated 6:02 p.m. ET

Eliette Dominique was the first wife of Dr. Jean Claude Dominique, a Haitian doctor and bigamist with two wives. The story of his double life and the tragic shooting that almost left Eliette Dominique dead will be recounted on Investigation Discovery‘s new television crime series Married With Secrets. Investigators say Dr. Jean Claude Dominique had plenty of secrets, which included two wives and two families. Authorities say that the Haitian doctor’s brother, Aly Dominique, hired two hit-men to kill his sister-in-law over a money dispute. The Married With Secrets episode that will reenact the case is titled “Dr. Deception.”


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Married With Secrets: “Dr. Deception” on Investigation Discovery

When the widow of a Haitian doctor is shot outside her waterfront Long Island home, it looks like it may have been a bungled carjacking. But when the investigation reveals that this was a targeted attack that may be related to the death of her husband and a shocking secret that he kept, police point the finger at an unlikely suspect.

Halloween Shooting Almost Leaves Wife Of Bigamist Dead

Married With Secrets will recount how Eliette Dominique, a 53-year-old nurse, was shot outside of her home in Long Island on October 30, 2000. Miraculously, she was still alive and able to crawl inside of her home to contact police. When New York detectives arrived at the Daniel Crescent home, which sat on the waterfront, they found a bloody middle-aged woman who said that she had been shot by two masked gunmen after 5 a.m., as she was getting into her vehicle and heading to work at the local hospital.

Eliette Dominique was rushed to the emergency room, where she was treated for her injuries. Investigators back at the scene noted that this was no carjacking, since there was nothing missing from the scene. The attack on Eliette Dominique was deliberate. She was the target.

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A Trail Of Two Wives

As police delved into the widow’s background, they found a messy trail of deceit, death, and a dispute over an estate. Police learned that Eliette Dominique’s husband, 50-year-old Dr. Jean Claude Dominique, had died in a car wreck. The doctor, who was a Haitian immigrant, was struck by a speeding car as he was headed home. His death was the result of a hit-and-run accident. The driver in that incident was never located, Married With Secrets will bring out.

But Dr. Jean Claude Dominique’s death opened up a 20-year secret that shocked Eliette Dominique. When Eliette arrived at the hospital to see her husband, she met another woman who claimed to be Dr. Dominique’s wife. Eliette learned that for more than two decades she had been duped by the good doctor.

Eliette Dominique married Dr. Jean Claude Dominique in 1980 and helped him get his citizenship. She also lived in a tiny Brooklyn apartment with him and paid for his medical school education. She had no idea that Jean Claude was secretly in love with his childhood sweetheart, a woman named Marie Betty Barlabier, another Haitian immigrant who came to America to be with Jean Claude Dominique.


Handsome Haitian Doctor Led Two Lives With Two Wives

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For years, Jean Claude Dominique maintained two families. He was with Eliette Dominique and their children in Long Island. Then, he spent time with Marie Betty Dominique and her children in New Jersey. It is believed that both women thought that Dr. Dominique was spending time away in an apartment that was close to the hospital, where he worked.

A livid Eliette Dominique sued to inherit the estate, prompting a bitter battle of the wives. A judge ruled in favor of Eliette, stating that she was the first wife and the “uncontested” and secret divorce obtained by Dr. Jean Claude, was a fake. Eliette Dominique stood to gain the money and the estate, something that angered her dead husband’s brother, chemistry teacher Aly Dominique, who considered the second wife, Betty, as the real wife.

ID’s Married With Secrets will show that Betty knew the brothers from the old neighborhood back in Haiti. She was like family. Aly Dominique wanted Betty and her children to benefit from the money. To make sure that she would inherit it all, Aly Dominique hired two men to kill Eliette Dominique: 19-year-old Alexander Exama and 20-year-old Marvin Gedin.

Luckily for Eliette, the two-would-be-killers botched the entire shooting, leaving Eliette alive and well and ready to inherit her cheating dead hubby’s estate.


Here are some other details we may have missed.

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  • Dr. Jean Claude Dominique was killed in April 1999. He was in a coma for over a month before he finally died.
  • When Eliette was released from the hospital, part of the bullet was still lodged in her head, according to Jet Magazine. (Photos)
  • Aly Dominique, Eliette’s brother-in-law, agreed to pay the two hitmen $10,000 to shoot her dead.
  • Aly Dominique received 21-25 years in prison.
  • Alexander Exama was released on parole in 2011.
  • Marvin Gedin was sentenced to 19 years in prison. He is up for parole next year.
  • Dr. Dominique’s patients loved him. He had a wonderful bedside manner, the Lubbock Avalanche Journal reported.-

You will not want to miss this story when it airs on Married With Secrets tonight on Investigation Discovery. Before the sh ow, take a look at this next case that was featured on Fatal Attraction last night. It was about Norma Gilles, a Haitian beauty salon owner who was found dead in her trunk. Police say she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.


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