Norma Gilles, Lesley Cheremond On TV One’s ‘Fatal’: Missing Haitian Beauty Salon Owner Found Dead In Trunk, Killed By Boston Boyfriend

Norma Gilles’ murder is one that you don’t hear much about. But tonight, the Haitian beauty’s story will be told on TV One’s Fatal Attraction. Norma Dorce Giles disappeared eight years ago and was later found stuffed in the back of her car trunk. Her jealous former boyfriend Lesley “Lesly” Cheremond was the killer.

The Fatal Attraction episode featuring Norma’s case is called “Without a Trace.” On the panel, you’ll hear from Norma Gilles’ loving family and police detectives who investigated the murder.

Fatal Attraction: “Without A Trace”

When a beauty salon owner disappears, her family is told that she went on vacation. But when the police make a shocking discovery in the trunk of the missing woman’s vehicle, suspicions point to a neighboring store owner who was once close to the victim.

Haitian Salon Owner Missing

Norma Gilles’ brother was worried sick about his sister. It was unlike her not to answer calls from her family members. A dedicated hairdresser, 41-year-old Norma Gilles worked hard to become the businesswoman that she was. Every day, she rose early to work inside of her beauty salon at 374 Salem Street. It was the place to go if you wanted your hair to look nice for the weekend. But when Norma Gilles abruptly vanished from the Scruples Hair Salon, her family knew that it couldn’t’ turn out well.

A missing person report was filed, and the family held a candlelight vigil for Norma. Police searched for her but were unable to locate her car. Two weeks later, Norma Gilles’ car turned up and so did her body. According to the autopsy, Norma Gilles was strangled and smothered to death before her body was thrown in the trunk.

Domestic Violence Victim

Investigators soon learned that Norma Gilles had a rocky relationship with her former boyfriend Lesley Cheremond, a man police say worked right next door to the victim’s shop. It was also said that Norma Gilles was afraid of Cheremond. They had a bad break-up in 2007 after she had a violent encounter with him. A restraining order was filed stemming from that incident. Authorities say that Norma and Lesley met in church, where she was a church hymn writer and he was a guitar player, according to Boston Haitian.

Since the breakup, Norma Gilles still had trouble with Lesley Cheremond, who often threatened her, according to what she told friends. Working right next door to each other also didn’t help bring calm to the situation. It seemed that Lesley Cheremond’s jealousy grew even more fierce after seeing that Norma had moved on with her life.

Turns out, Lesley Cheremond was the last person to see Norma alive. A little-known fact that was brought to the attention of police during the search for Norma. According to the tipster, Lesley Cheremond came into Scruples Hair Salon and asked for Norma Gilles’ purse. He explained that he was going to take the purse to Norma, who had gone on vacation. Over the next few days, he gave many other conflicting statements. Plus, police had more than enough evidence to connect him to the murder, Wicked Local reported.

Lesley Cheremond was arrested and sent to prison for the crime. The community was left devastated by Norma Gilles’ death, and the local papers called him a “monster.”

Some Eerie Connections


Norma Gilles, a local business owner, was interviewed by the newspapers about a crime that happened in Illinois. In that case, two men bought an old trunk at an estate sale. They made a shocking discovery when they pried open the trunk and found the mummified body of a baby who had died decades earlier. At first, the men thought they were looking at an old doll, according to the Peoria Journal Star.


Before the murder of Norma Gilles, another attractive Haitian woman was murdered. Twenty-six-year-old Julaine Jules disappeared after leaving her job. Her body was found floating in the Charles River. Just like in Norma Gilles’ case, her boyfriend, Shabazz Augustine, killed her after he found out that she was seeing another man. It took police seven years to find out who did it, according to Dot News.

Before you watch Fatal Attraction tonight, take a look at photos of the victim here. Another photo of Norma Gilles is found here, along with her obituary.

Tune into Fatal Attraction at 9 p.m. on TV One. Last week’s case was about Ty Underwood.

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