T-Mobile Announces Enhanced Voice And Data Coverage In Kansas City, Promises Faster iPhone Speeds

T-Mobile customers in Kansas City have been given access to “enhanced” voice and data coverage alongside faster speeds for unlocked devices such as the Apple iPhone.

In an open letter to T-Mobile customers, Greg Post, VPGM of Mountain Plains Region for T-Mobile USA revealed:

“We are continuing to work at a rapid pace, advancing our network by installing new equipment, making our fast and dependable 4G nationwide network even better.

“T-Mobile customers in Kansas City will experience improved coverage, increased signal strength and enhanced voice and data coverage at popular locations including Arrowhead Stadium, Westport, Power and Light Districts, The Legends and in surrounding areas including Jackson, Johnson and Wyandotte counties.”

While T-Mobile runs on a slower 4G (arguably 3.5G) piece of technology known as HSPA+, the company is the only provider to offer those speeds with unlimited nationwide data. According to T-Mobile, the better infrastructure in Kansas City will “allow customers to stream unlimited video, access the latest rich applications and surf the Web without having to worry about bill shock or overages.”

In an attempt to woo AT&T Wireless customers, T-Mobile notes that bringing an unlocked iPhone device over to the network could save up to $50 per month.

T-Mobile continues to roll out improved infrastructure support in major cities but has yet to form a long-term evolution (4G LTE) network that can compete with the likes of AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and, to a smaller extent, Sprint Wireless.

Do you think T-Mobile needs major upgrades to compete with its three biggest competitors?