‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Rumors: Moniece Slaughter’s Sex Tape Won’t Be Released For Now

Moniece Slaughter has recently been the subject of a lot of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors, but this time she’s made the rumor mill for the right reasons. It turns out that she’s now had a stroke of luck come her way, and her infamous sex tape with Lil’ Fizz won’t be released after all.

At least, that’s the word from Starcasm from their latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors report. The outlet had a chance to talk with Jason, who has been threatening to release the sex tape to “get even” with Moniece for being (in his words) a “bully,” and he said that she doesn’t have to worry about the tape being released – yet.

“When I saw the video of her talking about an innocent child AFTER her comments about gay men giving women HIV, and her being rude to my staff at events in Hollywood I chose to take her on. I have five sisters and nieces that I love to death and I would never want a man to exploit them. I would also never want them to attack people and innocent children the way Moniece has and then use their children as shields.”

Jason also said that the only reason he went after Moniece is so that she knew how it felt to be “bullied” and wouldn’t do it to others in the future, but he also said that he wanted to remind her that he has a pretty big “receipt” to drop on her in the event she tried to bully people again.

Moniece Slaughter is the subject of the latest "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" rumors. [Image by Maury Phillips/Getty Images for GBK Productions]

Meanwhile, according to a VH1 blog report about the latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors, just because Moniece’s sex tape is safe from release (for now), it doesn’t mean that either Jason Lee or Brandi feel bad about the predicament Moniece is in at all. We already know what Jason’s position is (he fancies himself a crusader for women), but what’s Brandi’s take on it all?

Well, as usual, Brandi ups the pettiness factor when she says — with a face that remains permanently twisted in an ugly scowl — that she feels that Moniece brought all of this drama upon herself. She doesn’t think that Moniece is a victim in any way and, in fact, deserved to be embarrassed by Jason.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Cast Fired
Moniece Slaughter could use a friend these days. Does her former co-star Hazel-E fit the bill? That's the word according to the latest 'Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood' rumors. [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]

With so much drama going on in Hollywood, it sounds like Moniece Slaughter could use a friend. And that’s exactly what the International Business Times is reporting will happen in their latest round of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors. According to them, that friendship comes in the form of Hazel-E, who has been teasing her return to the show for the past few weeks.

Even though she will have a guest appearance on the show for Episode 11, she may be returning to the show for good come next season, as she confirmed on her Twitter page.

This is a rather interesting turn of events, considering that Hazel quit Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood while claiming she was “overqualified” for the show, and that she wasn’t “desperate” for anything. It looks like the tables have turned, however.

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[Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for VH1]