MacBook Pro 2016 Specs, Surprise Features Revealed By Insider

Apple has taken its time with the MacBook Pro 2016, with the highly-anticipated powerhouse laptop finally set for its big debut later this week. As avid fans of the iconic machine wait in eager anticipation, a rather surprising announcement from a noted Apple analyst has brought forth a renewed wave of added anticipation.

According to renowned KGI Securities Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this Thursday’s “Hello Again” event, which will be held on the tech giant’s Cupertino campus at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, will involve the official reveal of Apple’s long-awaited upgrade to the MacBook Pro.

While rumors and leaks about the 2016 MacBook Pro have emerged numerous times over the last few months, Kuo’s latest research report about his expectations for the upcoming event included some rather surprising details about the upcoming laptop. According to MacRumors, Kuo’s report included a nifty feature that would surely make the MacBook Pro 2016’s fans pleasantly surprised.

“Our new predictions also include: (1) Intel’s (US) Skylake processor; (2) the same panel resolution but better display quality and energy efficiency thanks to an oxide panel; (3) a new option of 2TB SSD storage capacity; (4) adoption of a similar processor as Apple Watch to control the OLED touch bar more energy-efficiently in the new MacBook Pro models; and (5) a Type-C & MagSafe-like adapter rolled out by Apple or a third-party supplier, given positive reviews for the MagSafe charging design.”

A MacBook Pro is displayed in a case during its official unveiling.
[Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Many Apple fans were quite glad about the mention of a USB Type-C and MagSafe-like adapter for the MacBook Pro 2016. Apple has always been noted for the way it prioritizes its users’ comfort and convenience. Thus, incorporating a feature on the device’s charging ports would definitely be a nod to Apple’s classic stance, which placed the convenience of its customers at the forefront of its products’ designs.

Kuo’s other predictions about the 2016 MacBook Pro seemed to confirm long-standing rumors about the device. The analyst stated that he believes the MacBook Pro 2016 would come in two screen sizes, a 13-inch and 15-inch version, as well as a dedicated touch OLED bar that would take the place of the device’s function keys.

Apart from this, Kuo also stated that the powerhouse laptop would incorporate Touch ID technology, most likely in the machine’s power button, USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. What’s has gotten fans of the MacBook Pro line a bit apprehensive, however, is Kuo’s prediction that the 2016 model would ship with Apple’s new, rather controversial butterfly-style keyboard.

Apple’s butterfly-style keyboard, which first appeared on the 2015 MacBook, has received polarizing reviews from longtime Apple fans, with many stating that the keys are too shallow and uncomfortable, and some stating that the keyboard is actually a step up from traditional keys used in conventional laptops.

Customers at an Apple Store in China test out MacBook Pros.
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Nevertheless, it seems like Apple is taking a stand on its butterfly keyboard design. Considering how prolific the tech giant is, however, it is almost certain that it would not be too long before Apple users get accustomed to the design and quirks of the company’s new keyboard.

Apart from the MacBook Pro 2016, Kuo stated that Apple would also be unveiling a number of other laptops in the event, including a 13-inch MacBook and a 13-inch MacBook Air. The 13-inch MacBook is a bit expected, especially since Apple appears to be developing the MacBook into its mid-range laptop.

The MacBook Air 2016 refresh, however, is something that has struck a cord with fans, as well. The current-generation MacBook Air is still very popular, despite its low-resolution screen and outdated design. Despite this, however, Apple fans have continued to be very fond of the device, mainly because it combined decent specs with a very reasonable price.

With the possibility of a 2016 MacBook Air making an appearance at Thursday’s event, Apple fans are wishing hard that the tech giant would finally equip the popular laptop with a much-needed Retina screen and the inclusion of USB Type-C ports.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]